Demagogue’s Delight: US Extremist Leader Advances Militant Agenda

(Warning: Graphic Images)

Extremist groups in the US have publicly announced that they are going to violate international law and commit aggression by detonating large-scale explosives inside Syria, without UN member-state Syria’s permission or cooperation, without being attacked, and without UN Security Council authorization, which is legally required.  It is countless international terrorist actions like this, combined with silly claims like “We are a nation of laws”, that have made Obama a worldwide laughingstock and tragicomic dunce.

Obama, of course, cares nothing about that, since he, as any marginally aware person can see, only needs the support or passive acceptance of an uninformed US public, and perhaps a dictator ally or two.

The US militant leader has stated that if Syria acts in complete accordance with international law and in any way resists the US terror-planes or terrorist forces committing aggression against Syria, Obama will then use that as a pretext to simply execute Assad as he executed Qaddafi and thousands of other suspects.

Yes, this particular extremist, Obama, executes suspects in the most barbaric way possible, on a near daily basis, by using intense, concentrated pressure and jagged metal fragments to dismember their bodies and splash out their organs.  This typically produces a long, excruciating, torturous demise through organ failure and bleeding out while writhing in agony.  What this form of execution looks like:

US Extremist Favored Execution Technique


US Extremist Favored Execution Technique

Video of the civilian woman’s lengthy torture/execution by US-backed forces here.

Obama used this form of execution on, for example, a crowded farmer’s market, where he placed and detonated internationally banned cluster fragmentation explosives (the industrial version of what the Boston Bombers tried to make) and executed 16 women, five of them pregnant, and 21 children.

The industrial version of cluster bombs are tightly packed with sharp plastic instead of metal fragments, so that way metal detectors can’t locate the pieces inside people’s bodies and they can’t be surgically removed from people who may otherwise have had a chance of surviving the (disturbingly twisted) execution attempt.

Extremist leader Obama tried to illegally bomb Syria last year, but his propaganda attempt to demagogue the public and others into accepting the aggression didn’t work.  This is likely because the “demon” he used to try to whip up fear, hatred, and other such emotions in the public, was Assad, a white-skinned guy who wears a Western-style suit.

It also didn’t work because the “act” Obama tried to use as the incitement to commit aggression was a chemical bombing of hundreds of kids, carried out not by Assad, as Obama knowingly lied, but, as revealed by Seymour Hersh’s US government sources, by US-ally Turkey and the Western/US-backed Islamic extremist groups (like ISIS) trying to kill Assad.

Once it was known that the horrific chemical attack was carried out by the US side, by a US ally, this was censored in the US, and conspicuously not used as a reason to bomb the US allies and US-allied groups who carried out the attack, with US government knowledge.

The new propaganda cover for attacking Syria (which the USA has been doing non-stop since 1948) is a much better tool for a demagogue like Obama to whip up fear and hate in an uninformed populace.  The newly designated propaganda “demons” are not white, suit-wearing people like Assad, but are dark-skinned people who wear masks and release videos of beheadings.

These kinds of acts, like the former chemical attack by US allies, bother US™ state-controllers zero, on a scale of one to ten.

Saudi Arabia beheads people on video regularly (or cuts off their hands, whips them thousands of times for exercising free speech, etc.), and Obama, in 2013, sent the theocratic Saudi regime the biggest shipment of weapons in the history of the USA.

And when sickening killings of American civilians work against, rather than for, US expansion/aggression purposes, news of them is simply suppressed, like the rape, horrible torture, and sadistic murder of multiple American nuns by US-trained, equipped, advised, supplied, and backed forces in Latin America.  The American nuns were found dumped in a ditch with their heads gone and underwear ripped off.

Know the names of any of those American nuns?  We should think about the reason why we are constantly beaten over the head with the names of civilians executed by groups that provide a pretext for US empire expansion, but not the names of executed civilians that make the US and its proxy forces look bad, and demand constriction, rather than expansion, of US empire.

So, once Obama starts bombing in Syria, he will claim or report legal Syrian government firing upon US planes (as if the US wouldn’t fire on planes illegally bombing targets in the US), and then use that as a reason to extend his crime further and murder Assad and, ideally, install a brutal US puppet who would increase US state/corporate control over the world energy market.

(Before oil burgeoned, the US government openly stated that it wanted to control the world market for what was then the key product, cotton.  As oil is today, cotton was known to be a lever of power that would allow the slave-driving US to bring non-slave-states “to their knees”.)

While the drooling, decrepit, blogger-whipping, hand amputating, head-chopping king of Saudi Arabia looks forward to his personal meetings with his partner and mentor Obama, one wonders if Assad is getting nervous.

However, Assad has his own forces and friends, including Iran, nuclear Russia, and nuclear China (all of which, unlike the US, which alone on Earth rejects it, support the idea of food as a fundamental human right).  Leaders of these countries all know perfectly well what Obama is doing, and they say so all the time.  If Obama, indeed, starts trying to murder Assad directly, and not just through terrorist proxy forces as he’s been doing for years, there will be consequences for many people, including US citizens.

This, of course, does not slow Obama down, since the operation has nothing to do with security for the people funding Obama’s terrorism: US taxpayers.  Empire expansion operations are virtually always carried out in spite of drastically decreasing security for US taxpayers and their families.

Those of us who are aware must help others.  We must band together for non-violent action to protect ourselves from brutal terrorist extremists like Obama, who continually, knowingly decrease our security by committing terrorist attacks around the world.  We must make it a goal to build a democratic society so we can, for the first time, start following international law, or at least stop dispossessing people, torturing people, stealing land, committing and supporting genocide and ethnic cleansing, and the like.

Notice Switzerland, a tiny country, does not have to do any of this stuff that the USG swears it has to do around the world, despite Switzerland being one one billionth as militarily powerful as the US.  And if you are thinking, well, Switzerland doesn’t help anyone, either, you’re forgetting that the Red Cross always somehow manages NOT to kill tens of millions of civilians, or even one.  And no, the US is not “well-meaning but ham-handed”.  It’s just a bunch of calculating criminals doing whatever they can because it benefits them.

Also note:

Analysts inside and outside the government, from Dick Cheney to Noam Chomsky, knew full well before the illegal 2003 US invasion of Iraq that the invasion would vastly increase terrorism and instability in the region and worldwide, and increase terror threats to the US.  Cheney stated in the early 90s that a US invasion would cause “pieces of Iraq to go flying off”, as in various factions would all claim parts of Iraq as their own, which is exactly what has happened.

Bush scheduled US forces to be withdrawn from Iraq in 2011.  Obama tried to get legal immunity for the troops so he could keep them there indefinitely, but found it was politically impossible at that point.  Well, now, with a better propaganda cover (ISIS), the Mongol hoards are back.

Yes, Iraqis have said they were better off under US-installed-and-backed Saddam than they were after the US destroyed their country from 1990 to the present.  Yes, they have said the Americans are worse than the Mongol hoards.

But the USA’s goal is not to make people happy.  It is, as stated, to dominate the planet so that the highest possible amount of power and luxury can be extracted from the world by the people controlling US™ and global power.

We also need to be aware that Obama is demanding more cash and weapons for the Islamic extremist groups in Syria even as they are all signing cooperation agreements with ISIS.  The terrorist Islamic group FSA specifically refuses to fight against ISIS.  It and the other “moderate” Islamic extremist groups have always shared their weapons with ISIS and Al Qaeda.  This was always known to everyone, and Obama wants to give them more.  (If we think Obama is stupid and doesn’t know the effect this will have, it just means WE are stupid.  He knows very well what he’s doing.)  But, shhhhh.  The public is NOT supposed to know about this.

Remember: ISIS (est. 2014) is the reason the USA has been bombing and committing terror in the Middle East since 1948.  That’s all.  It’s not like Obama wants to overthrow Assad.

“Assad Must Go, Obama Says” – Washington Post

Oh, yeah.

One other, related tidbit: the US heads a gang called the “Five Eyes”, which consists of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

It’s interesting to note that in every one of these “countries”, barbarian hoards expanded to them from the UK, committed genocide against and exterminated the native inhabitants, dug in and barricaded themselves, formed new outposts, and then continued their global expansion operations from there, which is what we are witnessing today as the “Eyes” threaten humans with extinction through nuclear war and/or fossil fuel burning, which the remnants of the exterminated indigenous peoples do their best to protest.

As a bare minimum, we all need to do what Washington’s Blog and Just Foreign Policy suggest and Call your Rep TODAY: Vote ‘NO’ on Military Aid to Syrian ‘Rebels’.

Robert Barsocchini is an American investigative journalist and writer for the film industry.  Here is his blog.  Also see his free e-book, Whatever it Takes – Hillary Clinton’s Record of Support for War and other Depravities.  Click here to follow Robert and his UK-based colleague, Dean Robinson, on Twitter.

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