Why Is the U.S. Government Dictatorial Towards Dissenters … But Welcoming Ebola Carriers With Open Arms?

Will Obama be the Commander-In-Chief Who Lets Ebola Infect America?

3 Supreme Court justices, 2 top level NSA executives, numerous Democratic and Republican Congress members and other top American officials have said that we’re basically in a police state

Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined.  Indeed, the Obama administration is literally treating whistleblowers as terrorists. Dissent is also treated as terrorism, and the massive spy apparatus is focused on crushing dissent.  Even trying to protect oneself from spying is treated as  extremism. And investigative journalism has been criminalized by the Obama administration.

And yet the government is allowing people from Ebola-infected countries like Liberia visit America … even after a Liberian brought Ebola to Dallas.

Why don’t we enforce a travel ban … just until the African epidemic ends?

In July, Congressman Alan Grayson called for a travel ban from Liberia and other hot zone countries, to be lifted 90 days after the last case of Ebola is reported.

Scores of African nations have enacted Ebola travel restrictions.

Kit Daniels notes:

In mid-August, Korean Air and Kenya Airways announced they were halting flights to the West African countries ravaged by Ebola, and British Airways and Air France also decided to suspend service to the Ebola hot zone a few weeks later.

“France is recommending that its citizens leave Sierra Leone and Liberia, two of the countries hardest hit by the worst ever outbreak of the disease,” Jessica Plautz reported for Mashable. “The government said the increasing spread of the disease prompted its request that the airline to suspend flights.”

Yet the Obama administration made no such request to U.S. airlines and government flights

Indeed, there’s not only open travel for people from hot zone countries, but there are limited screening procedures at airports, and doctors aren’t screening very vigorously either.

While the Centers for Diseases Control are talking as if they are confident, the reality is different:

  • As Dr. Sanjay Gupta notes, there have been lapses in safety at the Centers for Disease Control and U.S. hospitals in treating infectious diseases

American government officials are acting arrogantly – and may be putting us all at risk – in the same way that:

  • U.S. economic officials thought that the U.S. had the world’s strongest financial system – and that they had figured out how to permanently stabilize the economy in a prosperous utopia  – but their models were completely flawed, and built upon wildly erroneous assumptions
  • The Japanese had the reputation as being the world’s most technologically sophisticated and conscientious country … but their arrogance and attempt to underplay the dangers of nuclear power caused them to take incredibly risky actions which let Fukushima melt down

The government is much more focused on bombing yet more Arabs in yet more wars than stopping a pandemic which could turn into the modern equivalent of the Great Plague.

But stupid government policy is more dangerous than terrorism.

Postscript:  Here’s the contrary and mainstream view.

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18 Responses to Why Is the U.S. Government Dictatorial Towards Dissenters … But Welcoming Ebola Carriers With Open Arms?

  1. kimyo says:

    before traveling to the u.s. the patient now in dallas was renting space from a family in liberia, at least a half dozen of which have died over the last couple of weeks.

    lab workers in west africa who had no direct contact with patients have contracted and died from ebola.

    lab workers in dallas, as well as the paramedics/emts transporting the patient, the admitting staff at his first visit, and the md’s and nurses who provided care were all exposed. the cdc’s response has been ‘let’s see what happens’.

    there is some dispute as to what ‘airborne’ really means. perhaps the cdc is ‘technically’ correct, however, given their below failure grade response so far, it is incumbent upon health care workers to protect themselves and consider alternate views.

    COMMENTARY: Health workers need optimal respiratory protection for Ebola

    We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks.

    Practical examples

    Two examples follow. These assume that infectious aerosols are generated only during vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, or similar high-energy emissions such as some medical procedures. It is possible that Ebola virus may be shed as an aerosol in other manners not considered.

    Caring for a patient in the early stages of disease (no bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, etc). In this case, the generation rate is 1. For any level of control (less than 3 to more than 12 ACH), the control banding wheel indicates a respirator protection level of 1 (APF of 10), which corresponds to an air purifying (negative pressure) half-facepiece respirator such as an N95 filtering facepiece respirator. This type of respirator requires fit testing.

    Caring for a patient in the later stages of disease (bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, etc). If we assume the highest generation rate (4) and a standard patient room (control level = 2, 3-6 ACH), a respirator with an APF of at least 50 is needed. In the United States, this would be equivalent to either a full-facepiece air-purifying (negative-pressure) respirator or a half-facepiece PAPR (positive pressure), but standards differ in other countries. Fit testing is required for these types of respirators.

    i don’t have any proof, but it seems unlikely that any of the staff at dallas presbyterian hospital were wearing either n95 or papr gear.

    WHO guidelines risk healthcare workers’ lives, expert claims

    Epidemiologist criticises official precautions recommending use of only goggles and masks as ‘lethally inadequate’

    “I have conducted the world’s largest randomised control trial of respirators and surgical masks, and it is concerning to me that we are dealing with a disease which has a fatality rate of up to 90% and yet we are not taking the most cautious approach,” she said.

    “If our healthcare workers die we have no hope of controlling the outbreak. There has been no criticism of the guidelines but lots of commentary supporting them. But they’re playing Russian roulette with frontline health workers’ lives.”

    Laboratory workers researching Ebola were required to wear full protective gear, yet face masks and goggles had been deemed adequate for healthcare workers, MacIntyre said.

    It was “outrageous” that scientists had one set of guidelines and healthcare workers had another, she said.

    “It’s like they have no concept of what the clinical setting is like,” MacIntyre said.

    “The hospital is an unpredictable, highly contaminated setting which poses higher risk of Ebola transmission.

    ps: any wagers on when/if the cdc will abandon the charade of scanning airline passenger’s temperatures? (the dallas patient was scanned, and allowed to fly)

    pps: given a dozen new cases some time over the next 21 days in and around dallas, will the cdc stop air traffic in and out of dfw? (no wager on that, cause we all know the answer)

    ppps: at least can we finally now stop talking about illegal immigrants bringing disease across our vast, unsecured southern border? (that was probably a vaccine industrial complex meme anyway, an attempt to blame the recent mumps/measles/polio-like outbreaks on the ‘unwashed’, rather than vaccine failure.)

  2. Voiceofreason says:

    Checking people for fever a and then just ‘letting fly doesn’t cut it. People who want to visit West Africa should reconcile themselves to a 21 day quarantine if they want to return to the US – or come here from there.

  3. SupernaturalCat says:

    Ulterior agenda enabling bio-false flag coming to a town near you?

    • kimyo says:

      if we’re following the 9/11 playbook, then thomas duncan is AA flight 11, and the north tower (dallas) has been hit. shortly we’ll see patient zero prime, aka united flight 175, impact the south tower (???).

      the thermite charges are already in place. for a bio-attack on the american people to succeed, an agent like ebola is far too imprecise. yes, there must be bleeding and zombies galore, but these must be confined to one or two metro areas. (so that the rest of us can show our patriotism by continuing to shop and go to disneyland)

      picture this: right now, there’s a guy with his finger on the trigger, about to ‘pull it’. about to bring the buildings down.

      his ‘shocktober’ weapon of choice will be just like nanothermite, powerful, precise. cnn will call it ebola, but the actual agent used will be far more deadly and gruesome. the agent used needs to have a high kill rate so that it burns itself out within 2-3 weeks. like nanothermite, the agent used will have been manufactured in a modern facility.

      the cdc is telling you to stay inside the building.

  4. goingnowherefast says:

    Nothing has been said about whether the plane passengers or crew need to be monitored for symptoms. Who knows how far and wide they have scattered. Especially the plane crew.

    Our officials are either too dumb to comprehend or too evil to comprehend.

  5. jadan says:

    The consequences of restricting travel are harsh. The government does not want to do it because it will scuttle an already weak economy. They believe they know the ways Ebola travels. They believe symptoms must be present for the virus to transmit. They believe this because if it is not true, they will have to push the emergency button that shuts down our society.

    They don’t want to do this! Can you blame them?

    If the virus travels through the air and lives outside the body; if individuals can carry the virus and spread it without being symptomatic; if the more benign model they have embraced is wrong, they want to continue to be wrong for as long as they can get away with it, and you will continue to be free to move around. There’s no more harsh dictatorship than a medical dictatorship. If this virus spreads in the way described, enjoy the “mistake” your gov authorities are making while you can, because once they acknowledge that they are mistaken, life as you have known it is over. Our way of life will come to an abrupt and screeching halt.

    Pray that they’re right. Pray that our unsustainable, but quite enjoyable way of life continues for a while longer, long enough for me and mine to die peacefully in our sleep! I really don’t want to die bleeding from all my orifices, nor do I wish to see anyone else in that way.

  6. kirkpatrick says:

    People, Ebola exists and the weak will die. Just be strong and you will be ok. I recommend Astaxanthin, Nascent Iodine, Milk Thistle, Spirulina, Chlorella and Valerian Root, with Colloidal Silver and Potassium Iodide in stock in case of emergency.

    • kimyo says:

      in my personal experience, colloidal silver appears to be very effective when used externally, against bacteria. please read this before using it internally against a virus:


    • MathGirl says:

      Ebola deaths look like acute viral-induced scurvy. High dose vitamin C should work, either intravenously or liposomal-encapsulated by mouth. Might not be able to absorb enough orally before diarrhea sets in if it’s not liposomal. Stay ahead of the infection, setting an alarm to wake up and take more every 2 hours if necessary. Vitamin C will neutralize the oxidation to prevent damage and bleeding; it does not heal damage that has already occurred. Watch Thomas Levy, MD, lecture on YouTube for more info.

  7. Elizabeth Conley says:

    It looks to me as if the Obama administration is trying to create a crisis that will shut down our elections in November. They really don’t want ordinary Americans participating in the political process until they can get their illegal aliens voter registration cards.

  8. Death on his Horse says:

    Sounds like the Global Warming crew are launching the plague that eliminates 50% + of Americans. To save the cockroaches from man-made global warming, you know. Cue Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear the Reaper”

  9. YellowDog says:

    Who is the Surgeon General?…. No ONE! The Senate refuses to confirm a new SG so we do not have one. The conservatives do not like Vivek Murthy so they have blocked his nomination. They are desperately afraid that Obama will be successful.



    • ConstitutionalAmerican2016 says:

      The Senate cannot move forward on Murthy’s nomination because the clown has an agenda that has NOTHING to do with practicing medicine (http //dailycaller com/2014/04/14/another-reason-to-be-concerned-about-obamas-surgeon-general-nominee/). He is another Obama clone who is intent on attacking 2nd Amendment rights in this country, and that is NOT going to happen without a second civil war. Obama knows it. Reid knows it. The Supreme Court knows it. Why do you think Obama signed DOD Directive 3025.18 allowing him to deploy federal forces on American soil for the first time in our history in direct contravention of Posse Comitatus? Obama is also trying to “sneak” a clause in the UN Arms Treaty which precludes member nation citizens from keeping personal firearms into the US as a means to eradicate the 2nd Amendment. This treaty is not going to be approved because of it. If it is approved … Obama will not be able to enforce it without war. Americans will not give up their weapons for anyone. Anyone.

  10. J Lin says:

    Dumbass, shutting down travel to just West Africa does nothing.

    Even if we shut down 80% of all international travel, it would only slow the spread by a few weeks at most. Trace and contain is the only effective method, and that require caution on the travels, but not a ban since in order to trace and contain, both public and private entities must be able to get from point A to point B.

    Selfishly protecting yourself is only going to make the Ebola outbreak worse, despite spread slightly slower. Also you idiots who know nothing about Ebola need to stop pretending it is a zombie virus on a TV show, god you morons are going to be the true end of the world if you were ever in charge. Meaning the more you try to shield yourself from Ebola, the worse the Ebola will spread, now let the adults handle the situation, go build your own virus bunker or something if you need a project.

  11. ConstitutionalAmerican2016 says:

    This administration has done more to try to silence dissent than any previous administration. Obama, Holder, the FBI and CIA were plotting the assassinations of the Occupy Wall Street movement … a bunch of college kids … who were reacting to their perceptions of unequal access to economic opportunity in this country. The administration is still refusing to cooperate with the federal courts in explaining their actions. This is the hubris of Obama and his minions. They believe they are above the law.
    But if average Americans act to try to stop the intelligence agencies from spying on them … then the American citizens and military veterans are treated like criminals. You know what … let them treat us like criminals. There are going to be too many of us opposing this administration to count. Obama is going to awaken more patriots than he could realize by trying to suppress dissent in this country. Just try.

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