West African Countries Should Give People a REAL Ebola Test Before Allowing Them to Fly to the West

30-Minute Test

A majority of Americans support banning all flights to the United States from countries experiencing an Ebola outbreak.

Screening people at West African airports with a thermometer can’t work, and is just for show.

But Japanese scientists have developed a test which can determine if someone has Ebola within 30 minutes. And the test is cheaper than the one currently being used in West Africa.

So – if we’re going to continue to allow folks from West Africa to fly into our country – why don’t we demand that they get tested for real?

A health agency like the World Health Organization, UN or Centers for Disease Control should buy the international airports in the hotzone countries one of the Japanese testing kits.

Then all travelers should be tested while they’re waiting for their flights.

Make sense?

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