CIA Chief In Vietman : The Communists Learned from Their Torture Mistakes More Quickly than America Did From Ours

CIA Has Repeated Its Mistakes Again and Again

I’m no fan of Communists.

But it is interesting that Newsweek reports that the Communist Viet Cong learned from their torture mistakes … while the CIA didn’t:

The Vietnamese agency’s review cited numerous examples, and unlike the White House-censored report by the Senate Intelligence Committee, named names. In one part, it described how a deputy PSS [the all-powerful Vietnamese Public Security Service] chief “conducted waves of arrests, using brutal torture, rape, and murder…that caused unjust suffering for 86 families of innocent civilians.”

In another part, the report explains how the agency eventually began to arrest its own people, and before long, false confessions began destroying the PSS itself. “A reconnaissance team member who one day went out to arrest someone would suddenly be arrested the very next day,” the documents said. “An investigating officer who one day was sitting in his chair conducting interrogations would the next day be forced to stand in that same office to be interrogated himself.”

Unlike the CIA, however, the PSS  constantly reviewed its errors. “The [Vietcong] continually learned from their mistakes, and their political officers wrote up these long boring papers at least once a week, recounting their strong and weak points,” Walter McIntosh, a former CIA chief of Vietnam operations, told Newsweek. “Had the U.S. been as diligent in reviewing each operation and overall strategy as did the Communists, we would not have kept making the same mistakes over and over again.”

Newsweek cites contrary opinions …

But the proof is in the fact that the U.S. used Communist torture techniques for years after 9/11 …while Vietnam long ago abandoned its brutal Communist past, and welcomes American tourists with open arms..

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