Good News On Nuclear … For a Change

2 Pieces of Great News

There are 2 pieces of very good news this week concerning nuclear power.

Today, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant was shut down.

This is good news because Vermont Yankee was a very old reactor … built in 1972.  And – like most American reactors – aging very poorly.

A lot of radiation has leaked from Vermont Yankee over the years.

Vermont Yankee has around 10 times more spent fuel rods than any of the individual Fukushima reactors.


The exact same design flaw is in place at Vermont Yankee, a nuclear plant of the same GE design as the Fukushima reactors. At Fukushima each reactor has between 60 and 83 tons of spent fuel rods stored next to them. Vermont Yankee has a staggering 690 tons of spent fuel rods on site.

The second piece of good news is that the top short term threat to humanity – the fuel pool at Fukushima reactor number 4 – has been avoided.

Specifically, Tepco has successfully completed the removal of fuel rods from the pool in reactor number 4.

Postscript: The danger from Fukushima is obviously not over … for example, the damage to the fuel pool at reactor number 3 is much worse than at number 4.

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