Amazing Prohibition Era Colorized Photos of Washington

To celebrate the 81st anniversary of Repeal Day, the Doyle Hotels have colorized a selection of stunning Prohibition era photography. Many of these historic photographs are set in Washington, the home of our own Doyle’s Dupont Circle Hotel.

These images are sourced, rights-free, from the public catalog at the American Library of Congress … explore more images here.

Prohibition Photographs, Prohibition in Colour

The Bureau of Prohibition adopted a special insignia plate for use by prohibition agents in stopping suspected automobiles. Photographed (l-r): Prohibition Administrator Ames Woodcock, H.M. Lucious, secretary of the Automobile Club of Maryland, and Ernest M.Smith, vice- president of the A.A.A. – view original


Prohibition in COlour, Prohibition Women and Ballot Box

Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform. – view original


Prohibition in color, Prohibition Policeman

Policeman stands alongside a wrecked car and several cases of moonshine. – view original


Prohibition colour photos, prohibition cafe

Woman seated at a soda fountain table pours alcohol into her cup from a cane. view original


Prohibition in color, prohibition cafe, 1920s cafe

New York City Deputy Police Commissioner John A. Leach (right) watches as agents pour liquor into a sewer following a raid during the height of Prohibition. – view original


Prohibition in colour, colourised photographs 1920s

Man carries a case of ‘Four Roses’ whiskey on his shoulder – view original


Prohibition colour photos, womens movement 1920s

Woman holds poster that reads; “Abolish Prohibition!” – view original 


Colourised photographs, 1920s photographs

A couple of bootleggers and their car are apprehended by the Capitol police after a wild chase through the busiest streets of Washington. – view original

Bonus … Stunning photographs of the Statue of Liberty being built.

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