Bandera – The Legacy of Self-Loathing Nazis in America Part 2 The NYT Attempt to Call a Coup a Failure

By George Eliason, an American journalist living in Ukraine.

Why does the New York Times which is one of the most prestigious media outlets in the world think it can change world history in front of your eyes by calling one ofthe most blatant coup in modern history just a failure of government?

They did it before and the propaganda effort worked perfectly in America when the New York Times supported an attempt to overthrow a sitting US President in the 1930’s. Many of the largest US news publications of which the Times stood, out ran stories that were verbatim press releases from the corporations that were part of the American Liberty League. The League plotted the coup attempt against Franklin Delano Roosevelt. From the New York Times perspective it wouldn’t make sense not to try again with Ukraine.

People tend to look at history as isolated events that happened and not an ongoing process that is occurring. What happens when the safety net which in this case is still sometimes called the 4th Estate of government is above all the one pushing the hardest against democratic values?

This article opens that question with a major event and the next next in series will trace the progress of a free press hell bent on imposing Fascism/ nationalism/ or nazism as the only true democratic value for America. The effect of Bandera (Ukrainian nationalists) on American politics and the American people will come sharply into focus with a forensic look at the historical timeline from the cold war until today.

Robert Parry’s latest article chastising the Times reads “the Times article is not a serious attempt to study the Ukraine coup. If it had been, it would have looked seriously at the substantial evidence of Western interference and into other key facts, such as the identity of the Feb. 20 snipers. Instead, the article was just the latest attempt to pretend that the coup really wasn’t a coup.”

In the 1930’s while many of the largest newspapers in America covered up an attempted coup of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency, the NYT took it steps further by lionizing the plotters. How could an attempted coup aimed at setting up a Nazi (American Nationalist) government go unreported, under reported, or worse, scoffed at across mainstream media?

If you are the New York Times, Washington Post,Time Magazine, or other major US news source the method is to hide the story in the middle of the publication or laugh at it on the front pages. Every major news source downplayed or scoffed at the attempted coup against a US presidency as a hoax or a joke because they were seated at the table and in on the action. The assassination attempt (which was the last part of that) on the US president by Ukrainian nationalists was simply never reported.

US news sources have been actively complicit in moving the US governmental model from Democracy to Fascism for over 70 years.

  • New York Times November 21, 1934. pg. 1. “Gen. Butler Bares ‘Fascist Plot’ To Seize Government by Force.” “It’s a joke – a publicity stunt. I know nothing about it. The matter is made out of whole cloth. I deny the story completely.” – Gerald MacGuire
  • Time Magazine December 3, 1934 edition of the magazine a piece entitled “Plot Without Plotters”

Consequently most coverage of the fascist coup in the United States followed this line or was dropped from sight. The New York Times articles have become an example of how media can be biased toward fascism enough to down play an event this large even after the investigation by Congress proved that General Smedley Butler was the hero that saved Democracy in his generation.

This article is consistent with the four subsequent pieces the Times printed relating directly to the plot. The writing is neutral, save the frequent quotations placed around words like “plot” and “fascist.” Yet the articles appear to be carefully crafted so as to highlight denials and downplay assertions from committee members or Butler of the story’s authenticity. The Forgotten Treason: The Plot to Overthrow FDR by Emily Lacy Marshall Class of 2008 A thesis submitted to the faculty of Wesleyan University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Departmental Honors in History

Before, during, and after WW2 many American politicians and business leaders rejected the idea that democracy was useful in the United States anymore. The Great Depression and the Wall St. Crash the very wealthy saw Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” as the first step into Socialism. They wanted to get back to the unrestrained capitalism of the 1920’s. In the 20’s worker’s rights were characterized by whatever the company decided was proper. There was little to no regulation. There were no restraints. The only way to stop Roosevelt’s slide into Socialism which was characterized by labor reform and granting workers rights was to develop an American nationalism/ nazism.

The same newspapers and publications that maintained the public perception of neutral journalism applauded the coup planners at the same time they were attempting to hide or minimize their treason.

According to Richard Sanders article on the American Liberty League the New York Times alone published a whopping 35 favorable front page articles on the coup plotters between 1934-36.

Sanders goes on to quote from Jules Archer’s “The Plot to Seize the White House” that the “link between the conspiracy and the powerful interests…in the background” was “the most significant” part of Butler’s testimony. However, MacGuire’s foreknowledge of the League and its links to the fascist plot were deleted from the Committee’s published report. Archer notes that Butler was “stunned” and “genuinely alarmed” upon reading of the League’s formation:“For the first time it dawned upon him that if the American Liberty League was the ‘super organization’ behind the plot, [as] it seemed to be, the country’s freedom was in genuine peril. Such money and power as the men behind the League possessed could easily mobilize a thinly-disguised Fascist army from the ranks of jobless, embittered veterans and do what Mussolini had done in Italy with the financial support of the Italian plutocracy…. MacGuire had outlined…the conspirators’ plans for a putsch [coup], indicating it would easily succeed…because …the American Liberty League, was behind it with money and arms…. MacGuire revealed that the people behind him… could… raise $300 million for the putsch.”

If this sounds like a vast right-wing conspiracy, guess again. The American Liberty League was founded and lead by conservative Democrats against the “New Deal.”

As surreal as it sounds Nazism/nationalism/ fascism can easily be defined inside a hard left, hard right, or even centrist ideology. The only untouchable values are the class separations between the ruling civil society and the underclass ruled. Everything else depends on the culture nazism takes shape in. The ruling class defines what it means to be a good citizen of the nationalist country and the population lives their lives inside that definition. That is simple nationalism. Once you go outside or question that definition, you are no longer “a good citizen” and may well find yourself the enemy of the state.

This fascist tendency was at the top rungs of the American political experience this early on. Most American business and media supported the rise of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini for this reason. Many Democrats and Republicans wanted to send arms to support Mussolini’s Italian Fascism. Serious US presidential candidates from the period led the charge toward an American fascism.

Further on in the article series will show as these tendencies grew in America how the spread of this ideology became constant feature on Capitol Hill (Democrat and Republican) and at the White House a fight for the survival of democracy.

August 23, 1934, the New York Times ran an article about the formation of the American Liberty League. The League, including such well connected individuals as 1924 Democratic presidential nominee John W. Davis, 1928 candidate Al Smith, DuPont chemical executive Irene DuPont, and a number of Congressmen from both sides of the aisle. The stated intent of the organization, just as MacGuire had said, was to protect property rights and protect the Constitution.”-The Forgotten Treason- Emily Lacy Marshall 2008

Behind the politicians were America’s largest banks and corporations. Initially the League itself was formed to repeal Prohibition and taxes on the rich. It started as the AAPA (Association Against the Prohibition Amendment). By propagandizing the repeal of Prohibition they were able to gain support from all classes of people. After Prohibition ended in 1933 the AAPA took their existing membership and organizational structure, morphed it into the first organized anti-communist, pro-fascist national public/ private organization in the US by propagandizing “their intended goal” was to protect the democratic values they were hell bent on taking from America.

The apparent failure to forcefully change the US government collapsed their credibility and politicians stepped away from them. Roosevelt quietly detoothed this dragon by saying the group was filled with Republican elitists. The American Liberty League (AAPA) had no choice but to morph again.

The players remained the same. The hard lessons were learned. The next metamorphosis which became the China Lobby profoundly affected the American political world by pushing fascist/ ultra-nationalist values on America. The role of the press trying to change American Democracy into soft- Nazism is very well documented and its role in pushing the China Lobby agenda for over 60 years will be looked at next. The New York Times, once again was at the forefront of this. The result of their efforts was the United States came very close to entering WW2 as a Nationalist/nazi country politically in agreement with the 3rd Reich Nazi Germany because a free press was business serving its own interest and not the citizens.

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