Two Gaza-Related Videos to Check Out

Oxfam today called for Israel to immediately end its illegal blockade of Gaza, and said rebuilding Gaza after Israel’s latest massacre, with the blockade in place, would take 100 years.

Here is an example of what Israel did to Gaza in 2014:

The head of the Red Cross commented that he had never seen such destruction.

In violation of freedom of speech and movement, Israel has blocked Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and other organizations from surveying Gaza since Israel’s most recent onslaught, which also killed scores of journalists.

The UN investigation after Israel’s 2008/9 massacre against the Gaza refugee camp concluded that it was an act of terrorism on Israel’s part.  The 08/9 attack killed at minium 1,400 Gazans, overwhelmingly civilians, while the latest attack killed over 2,000, also overwhelmingly civilians.  Israel brutally slaughtered nearly 600 children, and more continue to die due to the destruction.

Here are two films that help give a sense of what Israel and its patron, the US, are putting these people through:

1) Banksy just made a satirical “tourism” trailer for Gaza:

gaza banksy1 gaza banksy 2

2) Valley of the Wolves: Palestine, a 2011 Turkish film that follows a group of Turkish commandos who infiltrate Israeli-occupied Palestine to track down the Israeli militant who ordered the massacre on the Mavi Marmara boat, which was bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza.  (The Israeli massacre on the aid boat is well covered in Max Blumenthal‘s book Goliath.)


The film gives a strong visceral sense of what it is like when Israel invades Gaza and Gazans have to fight to the death in the streets for their homes and dignity:

valley 1 valley 3 valley 4


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