Asia Scholar Chalmers Johnson on Consequences of Empire

Conservative scholar Chalmers Johnson taught for 30 years on Japan and the Koreas, and was a consultant to the CIA.  When he visited Okinawa, Japan, he became aware of the deep resentment caused by the presence of US bases and soldiers, who regularly bully and sexually assault citizens of the countries they occupy.  In the year 2000, he published Blowback, which predicted that US policy around the world was going to result in a counter-attack against the United States.

No US American, he says, understands what it is like to live near foreign military bases, since there are no foreign bases in the US.

In the below interview, he notes that the largest previous empires, at their heights, had 35 (Rome) to 40 (Britain) foreign bases, while the US officially has more than 700, with the actual number, Johnson finds, at roughly 1,000.

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