Brzezinski: “We Must Guarantee to the Russians That … Ukraine Would Not Seek To Join NATO”

Wants Ukraine to Follow Finnish Model

The encirclement of Russia by NATO is the main reason that Russia is so opposed to Ukraine joining NATO.

Indeed, one of America’s top experts on Russia warns that Ukraine joining NATO could provoke nuclear war. And see this.

So it’s newsworthy that consummate war hawk and ultimate insider Zbigniew Brzezinski has just come out against Ukraine joining NATO.

The pro-Western, popular Serbian media company b92 reports that Brzezinski said the West must “guarantee” Russia that Ukraine will not seek to join NATO:

“We must guarantee to the Russians that a free, democratic, European Ukraine would not seek to join NATO, which Russia sees as a threat, but will act like Finland which is a free, independent European country, but is not a member of NATO,” Brzezinski told the Polish broadcaster TVN24.

We tracked down the translated original report from TVN24, which states:

Part of the solution is to ensure the Russians that “free, democratic and European Ukraine will not aspire to NATO.” According to Brzezinski, Moscow [considers] binding Kiev with NATO as a threat, so that would suggest the adoption of the solution along the lines of Finland.

Of course, we’re not sure how much this will reassure Russia, given that Finland – which shares an 800-mile border with Russia – has signed a host nation support agreement that allows NATO troops to assist in “disasters, disruptions and threats to security”, and enables joint training exercises and military cooperation, and given that Finland “is a valued contributor to NATO-led operations and missions in the Balkans and Afghanistan”.

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