Gang-Raped Saudi Woman Sentenced to 200 Lashes, 6 Months in Jail

Outlets from Breitbart to Press TV to Jerusalem Post (from which the headline of this post is taken) are reporting with shock on this disturbing crime.

As the US considers openly arming the major, ISIS-linked, al-Qaeda terrorist branch operating in Syria, one of the major US state-terrorist allies, Saudi Arabia, has decided to lash a woman 200 times for being gang-raped by seven men.  Her actual crime was leaving her house, thus making being gang-raped her own fault, similar to how the US government announced that 12 year old black child Tamir Rice’s being instantly shot by US domestic forces was his own fault, because he was playing with a toy gun outside (toy guns are available in virtually every US grocery and convenience store).

Saudi Arabia is also currently carrying out a sentence of 1,000 lashes of a man for having a blog that questioned Islam.  After his first of 10 sets of 100 lashes, the next set had to be delayed so he wouldn’t die.

Amnesty International reported that the country became even more repressive under the last king, who recently died, whom the US government and media dishonestly praised as having made things better.

The US has been supporting Saudi Arabia since the 1930s, around the time Saudi oil was discovered.

In 2010, the Obama regime secured a 60 billion dollar lethal weapons sale to the Saudi dictatorship, and then secured a 640 million dollar sale of banned  (as reported by Foreign Policy mag) cluster bombs (an Obama weapon of choice) to same.

The US in 2009 accused Saudi Arabia of allowing private donations to  the major Sunni non-state terror groups including al Qaeda and the Taliban.

The Saudi government itself, including the new head dictator (“king”), stands credibly accused of providing financing for the 9/11 attacks.

The US continues to censor the part of the 9/11 investigation that covered Saudi Arabia.

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