Our Middle Eastern “Allies” Fund Terrorists Abroad So They Won’t Attack Them At Home

With Friends Likes These …

Top U.S. generals say that our closest Middle Eastern “allies” support ISIS.

The Independent reported last week:

Dr Mahmoud Othman, a veteran member of the Iraqi Kurdish leadership who recently retired from the Iraqi parliament, said there was a misunderstanding as to why Gulf countries paid off IS [the Islamic State]. It is not only that donors are supporters of IS, but that the movement “gets money from the Arab countries because they are afraid of it”, he says. “Gulf countries give money to Da’esh so that it promises not to carry out operations on their territory.”

It’s well-known by counter-terrorism experts that Saudi Arabia has long funded Al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorists outside the country in order to dissuade them from attacking the Saudi monarchy itself.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

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