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In addition to hundreds of years of terror, torture, murder, and repression inflicted on Latin America by the Euro colonial implant to the north, a look at just the last few years of US international gangsterism (the habit of using organized violence to achieve one’s endsreveals why Venezuelans want Obama and Uncle Sam’s bloody hands off their country:


Not to mention Gaza:

The US is currently engaging in terrorism against Venezuela, using force to try to induce political change (the definition of terrorism).  The notion of the United States or Barack Obama sanctioning anyone, not least Venezuela, is of course laughable, but the unfortunate reality of US ability to harm others, achieved through ugly and illegal means over its history, makes the USA’s incessant sanctioning of its political, financial and military targets another regrettable reality that must be dealt with on the long road towards an at all reasonable and democratic system of international relations.

Obama has also now declared Venezuela a security threat to the US, the world’s largest military power and the largest empire in world history, both by gargantuan degree.

When terrorist John F. Kennedy was planning to wage a war of aggression and terror against Cuba (which he then did), he first declared Cuba a national security threat, and asked Mexico to do the same.

The Mexican ambassador told Kennedy: “If we publicly declare that Cuba is a threat to our security, 40 million Mexicans will die laughing.”

But, thanks to an astounding propaganda system, such issues never arise in the United States, where ludicrous decrees obviously intended to provide a pretext for more terrorism, looting, and aggression are treated by a rapt, hand-wringing populace as gravely serious and urgent.

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Image from Telesur.

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