Baltimore: Little-Known Facts

What’s Really Going On In Baltimore?

Orazz points out:

10,000 Strong Peacefully Protest In Downtown Baltimore, Media Only Reports The Violence & Arrest of Dozens

In any event, while the looting was unforgivable … it pales in comparison to the looting by Wall Street.

And while the media tried to make this a black-versus-white issue, remember that African-Americans lined up to protect white Baltimore police.  And check out this must-see report by Steve Watson.

And blacks AREN’T the only ones who riot.

By way of background on the anger among blacks in Baltimore, the Baltimore Sun reports:

Over the past four years, more than 100 people have won court judgments or settlements related to allegations of brutality and civil rights violations [in Baltimore]. Victims include a 15-year-old boy riding a dirt bike, a 26-year-old pregnant accountant who had witnessed a beating, a 50-year-old woman selling church raffle tickets, a 65-year-old church deacon rolling a cigarette and an 87-year-old grandmother aiding her wounded grandson.

Those cases detail a frightful human toll. Officers have battered dozens of residents who suffered broken bones — jaws, noses, arms, legs, ankles — head trauma, organ failure, and even death, coming during questionable arrests. Some residents were beaten while handcuffed; others were thrown to the pavement.

And in almost every case, prosecutors or judges dismissed the charges against the victims — if charges were filed at all.

Fusion notes:

Just 42 percent of the residents in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood are employed ….

Here are the terrifying facts about Sandtown, according to U.S. Census tract data.

Just 42 percent of residents are employed, compared to the national average of 59 percent.

Thirty-three percent of residential properties are vacant or abandoned.

— Just 54 percent of its residents are even in the labor force, even though 77 percent of residents are between 20 and 64 years old.

— Just 4.5 percent of the neighborhood has a Bachelor’s degree.

And some argue that the violence was staged – or at least allowed to happen – for unknown cynical political reasons.

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