Help Washington’s Blog Expand!

We’re considering expanding our servers to keep up with bandwidth. (Plus, our ISP says we got hit by a malicious hacker from Russia last month, who launched a DoS attack on the site, which chewed through system resources.  This means we’ve been hit with large expenses dealing with the usage issues).

In addition, we have several whistleblower interviews planned. And we’re getting closer to committing to writing a book  … we’ve got the title and chapters sketched out.  The book will document – with the level of detail and links to original source documentation you’ve come to expect from Washington’s Blog – the pervasive corruption in government, too big to fail banks, giant welfare queen corporations, military, intelligence agencies, religious and educational institutions.  And then we’ll give solutions.

Please consider donating generously to take Washington’s Blog to the next level:


Note: Donations of $1,000 or more will help me talk the little lady into letting me write it, and so will get an autographed copy of our book as soon as it’s done … with a personal note of thanks.

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