Insanely Good Software: Know Brainer 2015

Voice Control of Your Computer

People often ask me how I write so much … when I’m a busy professional with kids.

One of the answers is I know good time-saving software when I see it.

Know Brainer 2015 is insanely good for creating voice-activated macros, to automate routine tasks.  When used with Dragon Naturally Speaking – the leader in dictation software – Know Brainer 2015 let’s you do everything more quickly.

If you know what a macro is, then you’ll be able to imagine how useful a voice-activated macro could be.

I’ll give two examples of things you can do solely with your voice, using Know Brainer …

The first is in a business setting:

(1) start the timer on your billing software

(2) Say “client is Tom Smith”, so that Smith’s client information is entered in the billing software

(3) switch your screen to your email account

(4) search through all of your emails for messages from Tom Smith

(5) verbally scroll up and down until you find the email you want to respond to

(6) dictate a reply to that email

(7) have your reply read out loud to you, to make sure you got it right

(8) check a figure in your reply by searching for a file on your computer

(9) search that file for a specific word or phrase

(10) once you’ve confirmed the figure, send your email to Smith

(11) print a copy of the email for your files, automatically billing Smith for the copies

(12) stop the timer on your billing software

The second is in an artistic setting:

(1) say “equalize” to adjust the equalization on your recording equipment to your favorite level

(2) say “boost bass”, to boost the bass range of sound for the song you’re editing

(3) say “isolate drums” to listen to just the drum track

(4) say “add echo” to add echo to the drum track

(5) say “wave” to bring up the waveform editing software

(6) say “isolate vocals” to listen to just the vocal track

(7) say “add fifth” to add a high harmony a fifth of an octave above the main vocal track

(8) say “finalize” to render a final version of the song on digital media

(9) say “announce” to upload a copy of the song on your blog, and tweet out an announcement of the song to your fans

Know Brainer is totally customizable, and you can even dictate the macros to start with.

The bottom line: If you like macros, get Know Brainer.

Postscript: Know Brainer has many powerful macros right out of the box. Obviously, custom macros – like the examples above – need to be scripted and set up in conjunction with your existing software and websites.

But the scripting language is simple, and you can get almost any question answered by experienced Know Brainer users on KB’s forum.

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