Stopping TPP: a Matter of National Security

Trans Pacific Partnership Would Make U.S. Vulnerable to Terrorism and Blackmail

The United States Trade Representative – the federal agency responsible for negotiating trade treaties – has said that the details of the TPP are classified due to “national security”.

The Trade Representative is a spy crony.  The NSA shares information gained from mass surveillance with the Trade Representative.

But those national security powers aren’t being used to protect America …

A very credible inside source – with a proven track record of access, accuracy, intelligence and dedication to working for our country – tells Washington’s Blog that TPP contains provisions which would severely harm America’s national security.

Specifically, like some previous, ill-conceived treaties, TPP would allow foreign companies to buy sensitive American assets which could subject us to terror attacks or economic blackmail.

So – in addition to all of the other ways in which TPP is a horrible treaty which would destroy America –  stopping TPP is a matter of national security.

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