How West’s Native People Largely View the US

Bolivian President Evo Morales is “widely described as Bolivia’s first indigenous leader, at a time when around 62% of the population identified as indigenous; political analysts therefore drew comparisons with the election of Nelson Mandela to the South African Presidency in 1994. This resulted in widespread excitement among the approximately 40 million indigenous people in the Americas, particularly those of Bolivia. However, his election caused concern among the country’s wealthy and landowning classes, who feared state expropriation and nationalisation of their property, as well as far-right groups, who claimed it would spark a race war.”

Here are some excerpts from one of the president’s latest speeches:

Our Latin American memory is full of episodes of armed intervention from the United States, invasions, dominating impositions and constant aggression.

For example, let us never forget the annexation of the territory of Mexico by the United States, nor armed invasions against several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean: Nicaragua, Panama, Grenada, El Salvador, Guatemala and others.

the world’s chief promoter of military dictatorships and coups is the United States. The colonializing imperial view of the United States towards our Latin America and the Caribbean is one of contempt and belittlement, a view of superiority, political, military, technological and economic superiority. It is the gaze of the colonizer over the colonized, the invader over the invaded, the ruler over their vassals, it is the eagle eyeing its helpless prey.

More than 200 years have passed since US independence and the country not only continues to see our region as its backyard, but as its patrimony that belongs to it by divine right. By means of its imperial power, the United States through the imposing of neoliberal economics, with a colonial mentality or using the talk of international security, this dominating boss has classified us as either good or evil, ‘stick for the bad and carrot for the good.’

The bad countries are those of us who respond with ideas, with dignity, the bad ones are those who nationalize our natural resources and basic services, those put a brake on the political arrogance of US ambassadors who have been converted into viceroys.

We are the bad guys because we defend our political and economic sovereignty.

[we are] treated as if we were slaves in our own territory…

We never declared war on the United States, never tried to annex a part of their territory, we never armed ourselves to threaten their safety. Under no circumstances did we interfere in their internal affairs, we never violated their sovereignty…

Obama … listen to your people who must be tired of so much war, having buried many dead and have so many invalids.

Leave in the past the speeches full of double standards, put aside the threats, blackmail and pressures that the U.S. Capitol or the White House envelop our governments.

Stop using fear, the politics of terror and conditions of any kind. Stop behaving like an empire and let’s conduct ourselves as democratic and sovereign states. All empires perish, democracies are eternal.

Our people are recovering their identity and the dignity of their States.

We want no more Monroes on our continent, no Truman’s doctrine, no more Reagan doctrine, no more Bush doctrine.

We want no more presidential decrees, no executive orders declaring us threats to their country, we do not want them to watch over us, monitor our cell phones, spy on us or kidnap our presidential aircraft.

President Obama, stop turning the world into a battlefield…

Avoid wars that you have produced so far, wars that only benefit the financial tyranny, that benefit the large armaments industry, stop destroying entire civilizations, stop chasing ghosts…

What democracy and freedom can the government of the United States speak of, if everyday they violate the human rights of millions of citizens worldwide, through electronic surveillance, undercover operations and persecution?

What human rights can the US government speak of if torture is a common method used by its intelligence agencies and the death penalty is still in force?

…they want to be the champions of human rights when they do not even meet the basic requirement to ratify [UN] agreements…

What democracy can the Government of the United States speak of if it is sponsoring terrorist acts in various parts of the world?

It is not exporting democracy when it produces the greatest quantity of weapons for the destruction of humanity. No democracy can sustain itself by spying on the world, violating the privacy of millions of citizens.

What democracy can President Obama speak of when he sends thousands of armed marines to our continent to indoctrinate soldiers to fight against our peoples?

What a strange democracy that installs military bases in our countries, when it applies extraterritorial laws, when it has unresolved territorial issues with Cuba and Puerto Rico.

What democracy can it speak of as it cruelly blockades [Cuba] for 50 years…

What you need to do is repay it for all the damages you have caused to Cuba for 50 years. (Applause)

Everyone knows that the supposed war on drugs was merely a pretext to impose your economic policies.

The wars against communism, against drug trafficking and terrorism have become a pretext to impose policies of fear and intervene in strategic areas to plunder our natural resources.

President Obama, stop making war, and turn your country into a democratic republic, instead of maintaining an anti-democratic and unsustainable empire.

I respectfully ask you to concern yourself with the millions of Americans living in extreme poverty in your own country…

President Obama, I ask you to expel the criminals from your territory, from your country.

It is not right for your country to become a home for confessed terrorists, corrupt ones, of murderers, of separatists who have escaped. Expel those who have escaped so that they can be judged by their peoples.

President Obama, if you feel that you are the leader of a world power, I ask you take the lead in saving Mother Earth, in saving life, of humanity.

The Western hemisphere’s indigenous people are not alone.  A Swiss poll conducted at the end of 2014 asked 65 countries around the world which country they viewed as the greatest obstacle blocking the path to world peace.

Rogue nuclear state Pakistan got 8% of the vote, taking the #2 slot.  Way out beyond every other country, with three times more votes than Pakistan and twelve times more votes than Russia, was the US at 24%, running away with the award for greatest threat to world peace.


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