The OTHER Reason China Is Catching Up With U.S. Military

We documented yesterday 6 reasons that China is catching up with the U.S. military.

There’s a seventh reason: Israel has given our crown jewels to the Chinese.

The New York Times reported in 1993:

Israel has sold advanced military technology to China for more than a decade and is moving to expand its cooperation with Beijing, says R. James Woolsey, the Director of Central Intelligence.


The Rand Corporation has made similar assessments.

The sales have been ongoing …

Algemeiner noted in 2013:

The Israeli Defense Ministry’s Head of Defense Export Control, Meir Shalit, resigned last week after the United States expressed anger over a decision he made to sell sensitive military equipment to China, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Sunday.


Washington asserted that his authorization of the sale of a miniature cooling system for missiles was in direct violation of Israel’s preexisting obligations to the United States.

Of course, the U.S. gives Israel its high-tech defense know-how.  But Israel also steals it.

Specifically, the NSA considers Israel one of America’s top spying threats.  Israeli spying on America is so rampant that U.S. officials have labeled it “alarming, even terrifying”.

Israeli companies hoover up all of the U.S. data through their equipment. And have been doing so for years and years.  And see this.

Indeed, leaked NSA documents show that U.S. intelligence officials are concerned that the NSA may be putting Israel’s security needs ahead of America’s.

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