Saudi Arabia Goes Scientology

Scientology is famous for suing everyone who criticizes it or its leaders.

For example, Business Insider noted in 2012:

The church has also launched  intellectual property suits to keep its re-ligious documents a secret, and it has waged legal battles throughout the world in the name of religious freedom.

The Church fought an epic battle with the IRS in an effort to secure tax-exempt status.

That finally resulted in a secret 1993 deal with the federal government, the Wall Street Journal reported in 1997, after obtaining a copy of the agreement.

Under the deal, the church won tax exempt status in exchange for paying $12.5 million and dropping thousands of lawsuits against the federal government.

Daily Beast reported in March:

“One of the experiences we had,” Gibney said on Wednesday during a lunch with journalists at HBO’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters, “is that when we went to license footage from the major networks they all declined to license it to us for legal reasons…One of the reasons is that the Church is so litigious and so aggressive in threatening to keep stuff from being in the media.”

Gibney added: “I found that interesting…that this somehow was too perilous to touch, because the Church beats its breast and says, ‘If you show that material, we’re going to sue you.’”

The irony, Gibney said, is that when he was making Mea Maxima Culpa, the searing 2012 documentary about the 2,000-year-old, 1.2 billion-member Roman Catholic Church and its arrogant cover-up of priestly pedophilia, he had no trouble securing licenses from U.S. networks.

The 62-year-old Church of Scientology, by contrast, has an estimated 55,000 members worldwide (though it officially claims 10 million) and yet it is apparently more formidable than the Vatican.

Similarly, Saudi Arabia is threatening to sue anyone who tweets a comparison of the Saudis’ death sentence against a poet who criticized the Saudis with ISIS.

The Saudis are right … there is no comparison between the Saudis and ISIS.  After all,  the Saudis beheaded more people than ISIS under the last king.

Under the new Saudi king, the Saudis beheaded almost TWICE as many people as ISIS as of August.

And they’re about to behead another 55 people in a single day.

Of course, the distinction is without a difference:

  • According to sworn declarations from a 9/11 Commissioner and the Co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry Into 9/11, the Saudi government backed the 9/11 hijackers
  • And the Saudis back the radical “madrassas” in which Islamic radicalism was spread
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