Dutch Experts and Council of Europe Slam Ukraine’s “Investigations” Into MH17 and Killing of Pro-Russian Protesters

The largest Dutch newspaper – De Telegraaf – noted yesterday (English translation):

The reliability of evidence in the MH17 research is in question by the sinister role of the Ukrainian secret service SBU in corruption and crime scandals.

Criminal Experts predict problems for the future criminal proceedings against the mass murderers of the MH17 passengers, it now appears that the intelligence which resulted in all kinds of evidence of all is false.


“There is a lot of noise and that soon plays guaranteed to bring in the criminal case,” said law professor Theo de Roos. “That goes for the defense, but also for the judges who will look to prove extremely critical. The Public Prosecutor should not wait for that, but to make all additional investigation into the integrity of the evidence. ”


Several informants in the scandal of the road looted paintings from the West Frisian Museum in Hoorn indicate the SBU head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko fired in June as mastermind of the stolen art trade. The name of the former SBU chief was last year linked to large-scale smuggling antiques discovered by the Finnish police.

Also in the investigation against the Limburg politiemol Mark M. walk there lines to the SBU. Justice East Brabant recently did rogatory to Kiev. According to investigative sources M. held in Ukraine on a network of gangsters and members of the secret service. ” This summer alone disappeared in Ukraine for 22 SBU spies behind bars because of corruption and criminal practices.

The CDA calls the SBU scandals a great risk for the criminal investigation into the MH17 case and wants explanation of responsible minister Van der Steur.

“There’s been little evidence,” said parliamentarian Omtzigt. “What there is, is light to heavy compromised. The evidence was widely picked up late in the area and also shows still collected by people who are not good.

The CDA wants to know why satellite and radar data of Ukrainians, Russians and Americans in the study lack. “It also appears still not to be discussed with the Ukrainian air traffic control.”

And see this.

Similarly, the Council of Europe slammed Ukraine’s failure to investigate the deaths of scores of Pro-Russian protesters. As Bloomberg reported last month:

Ukrainian authorities are failing to adequately investigate 48 deaths, including of 42 pro-Russian protesters, in the Black Sea port of Odessa in May 2014, according to an international panel set up by the Council of Europe.

The demonstrators clashed with football fans and participants in a pro-government rally as the military conflict in Ukraine’s easternmost regions erupted following Russia’s annexation of nearby Crimea. Most of the deaths occurred after a building in which the protesters had barricaded themselves was set on fire.

“Despite the lapse of some 18 months after the events, not a single charge has been brought in respect of the deaths,” the panel said Wednesday in an e-mailed report. The body is tracking the investigation to check it meets the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights.

The report is another blow to President Petro Poroshenko and his government as the U.S, the European Union and Ukraine’s own citizens demand more progress on promises of reform and a crackdown on corruption. Ukraine’s rulers have also failed to convict those responsible for more than 100 killings in the Kiev street protests that swept them to power a year and a half ago.

There’s evidence “revealing a comparable lack of confidence in the adequacy of the investigations and in the ability of the authorities to bring to justice those responsible for causing or contributing to the many deaths and injuries” in Odessa, said the panel. The investigation in Odessa, like the probe in Kiev, has “serious deficiencies in independence and effectiveness,” it said.


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