The ‘Phony Mystery’ of Why the West gets Attacked

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, ‘who led teams of investigators to document the effects of U.S. bombing and sanctions on Iraq’, which killed some 500,000 children, describes the ‘cruelty’ the US has inflicted on that country since 1991 (through it actually goes back much further) in a recent interview with Abby Martin:

Sheldon Richman comments in his piece on the ‘phony mystery’ of why the West gets attacked:

one has to work hard to make a mystery of anti-American (and anti-Western) terrorism emanating from the Middle East. It takes prodigious effort to maintain an air of innocence about San Bernardino and Paris, because no one who claims to be informed can plead ignorance of the long history of U.S. and Western imperialism in the Muslim world. This includes the CIA’s subversion of Iranian democracy in 1953, the U.S. government’s systematic support of compliant autocratic and corrupt Arab monarchies and dictatorships, its empowering of Iraqi Shi’ite Muslims, and its unconditional backing of Israel’s brutal anti-Palestinian policies. (The savage 2014 war on Gaza killed many noncombatants.)

In the 10 years before the 9/11 attacks the administrations of George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton bombed Iraq while maintaining an embargo, most especially on equipment for the water and sanitation infrastructure the U.S. Air Force had destroyed during the Gulf War. Half a million children died. This was also when U.S. officials promised, then reneged on the promise, to remove U.S. forces from the Islamic holy sites in Saudi Arabia.

From the air Americans routinely kill noncombatants in Syria and Iraq, most recently this week, when “at least 36 civilians, including 20 children, in a village in eastern Syria” were reportedly killed, according to McClatchyDC. Do Americans notice? Of course not. That’s why San Bernardino and Paris can be made to appear so mysterious.

In addition to ‘blowback’ from Western acts of imperio-terrorism such as those mentioned above, Western media, both corporate and independent, increases retaliatory terror against the West by refraining from using the most evocative terms, such as ‘extremism’ and ‘terrorism’, for Western acts like killing 500,000 kids, instead reserving them for people who kill or attempt or plan to kill any number of Westerners or current Western allies, down to 1.

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