US Marine who Invaded Iraq: Only Iraqis can Understand Pure Evil, Genocide US has Waged on their Nation

By participating in what he now calls the US’s ‘genocidal military campaign’ against Iraq, former marine Vincent Emanuele says he ‘helped create ISIS‘:

I think about the hundreds of prisoners we took captive and tortured in makeshift detention facilities staffed by teenagers from Tennessee, New York and Oregon.

[Prisoners who got released were dropped off in] the middle of the desert … several miles from their homes…

Who knows how long they survived… no one cared.

…one former U.S. prisoner who survived: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

I could recall countless horrific anecdotes from my time in Iraq. Innocent people were not only routinely rounded-up, tortured and imprisoned, they were also incinerated by the hundreds of thousands, some studies suggest by the millions.

Only the Iraqis understand the pure evil that’s been waged on their nation. They remember the West’s role in the eight year war between Iraq and Iran; they remember Clinton’s sanctions in the 1990s, policies which resulted in the deaths of well over 500,000 people, largely women and children. Then, 2003 came and the West finished the job. Today, Iraq is an utterly devastated nation. The people are poisoned and maimed, and the natural environment is toxic from bombs laced with depleted uranium.

This point can never be overstated… the scale of destruction the West has inflicted in the Middle East is absolutely unimaginable to the vast majority of … Westerners[, who] consistently and naively ask, “Why do they hate us?”

…how the West deals with terrorism will largely depend on whether or not the West continues their terroristic behavior. The obvious way to prevent future ISIS-style organizations from forming is to oppose Western militarism in all its dreadful forms…

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