Ralston Saul: Neo-Liberalism / Neo-Conservatism a Low-Level Form of God-Worship

Pulitzer-winning journalist Chris Hedges interviews John Ralston Saul, an ‘award-winning philosopher, novelist and essayist’ who is considered ‘Canada’s leading public intellectual’.

Some points detailed in the discussion:

-Neo-liberalism / neo-conservatism relate to neither ‘liberalism’ or ‘conservatism’.  They are an ideology and form of religion and god-worship, based on self-interest and the whitewashing of memory.  ‘At the end of the day, it’s about power and money.’

-Declarations of ‘truth’ and ‘inevitability’ are two aspects of ideology highly prevalent in neo-liberalism/conservatism.

-Neos claiming Edmund Burke as their ‘godfather’ indicates lunacy and denial of history; like other lunatics claiming Christ or Muhammad to justify other unacceptable things.

-Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ is a low-level image of the hand of god.  But when one talks to the neos about Adam Smith, one discovers they haven’t read him.  He isn’t taught.  People only know quotes.  They don’t know Smith was actually ‘incredibly distrustful’ of powerful businessmen and said things like ‘never allow them to be alone in a room together; they’ll combine and falsify the market’, etc.

-At this point, [for example, as illustrated by latest Oxfam report], all of the promises made by neo-liberal globalization [summarized in discussion, 13:30] have collapsed.  None of them happened; it’s the exact opposite.  We are now in the most nationalist period we’ve seen since the 1930s, with all the dangers that go along with it.

-There isn’t a single neo-liberal/conservative who would deny that Athens is the beginning of what we call ‘Western democracy’, and yet they don’t even know that the way Athens got going was by destroying all the debt to re-launch citizenship and justice systems.

-While people at the bottom largely still believe they are in a ‘democratic’ society, what we have going today is a Mussolinian-corporatist authoritarian state.

-People have clearly lost faith in the ‘mafia, oligarchic elite’, which is currently using the pick-pocket’s tactic of saying ‘look over there’ at those ‘terrorists’, while robbing everyone.

-[Interesting discussion about how to move forward, largely pertaining to language and memory, presented starting at 22:30:]

Most of the writers killed globally are not killed by ‘religious’ fanatics, but by governments linked with the West, Mexico being a good example.

Robert Barsocchini is an internationally published author who focuses on force dynamics, national and global, and also writes professionally for the film industry.  Updates on Twitter.  Author’s review of the historical background to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

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