Targeted Individuals: what the US .01% MUST do to avoid arrests for obvious crimes centering in war, money, lies

We’ve documented US government use of harmful and deadly experiments upon the public (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here for just a few, that the US tortures people in Orwellian violation of six binding areas of law), and that the US spies on absolutely everything (here, here). We published testimony of a “targeted individual,” Ramola D, who asked that we share her story. This is a second request from Ricardo Camilo López.

19-minute TED talk on the history of government secret surveillance and coercive control of political dissent. This history is ordinary on Earth:

Before we share this testimony, I remind readers that accurate history is essential to bring our world of the present into focus. Essential history includes the following few paragraphs, without which there is no possibility to understand the present.

The US .01% “leaders” today must engage in research, development, and practice of targeting individuals in order to control dissent because these “leaders” in government, banking/finance, and media are obvious criminals that should be legally stopped by arrests for the following Emperor’s New Clothes obvious crimes:

These crimes annually cost millions killed, billions harmed, and trillions looted, with recent history continuing literal centuries of US lie-began Wars of Aggression that involved nearly all families in two horrific global wars for colonial empire.

We can add the following economic data for public demand of arrests:

Therefore, because these damning facts ensure lawful arrests of looting, lying, psychopathic imperial War Criminals, we can understand the necessity of the .01% to attempt all effective methods to control and crush discovery of these facts.

In consideration of this context, here is further testimony from Ricardo Camilo López (bio at end of article) regarding targeting individuals to develop suppression and control (lightly edited and abridged):

The U.S. government (USG) has put me under Zersetzung (East German secret police term to target and crush individuals) as part of which they have turned my apartment into a dungeon and created some sort of virtual prison around me even while I am on the streets (they know your exact whereabouts 24×7). It doesn’t seem to be enough for them to blacklist me in the FBI criminal index (including Berufsverbot) and to make Verizon and ACE Innovative stop offering me the telephone and Internet access services I was paying for (and laugh at me, boast about following commands from USG when I tried to raise consciousness about such illegalities by bringing their @ss to court).

I say it is USG doing this not because I think “I am important” (people have told me that), but because I don’t think that at all, nor do I respect the idea that those doing it are the “unavoidable bad apples in every barrel.” It is too well coordinated, organized and consistent, and it has been a constant war of attrition for way too long. Also, if they are doing that to me, they must be doing it to a lot of people out there. Keeping silent about it is not only a way to acquiesce, but also of becoming an accomplice to what they do to other people.

Also, they seem to think they own you, so, to them, you should be quiet and take the abuse as if you were an animal, instead of exposing them. I write in an Aesopic way (without mentioning names), even if I find that very stupid and disrespectful (I would rather have people tell me stuff to my face) because I have been told by some people “they don’t like when their names are ‘used'” (whatever that means), but if they prefer to entertain their own illusions of privacy I should respect that. I myself would be honored if my name is truthfully “used” to protest politicians and police b#llsh!t.

Whatever our kinds of illusions and persuasions may be, we are all in this together.

On Tuesday April 7, 2015, I decided to go to a clinic run by the only socially conscious doctors I know in NYC (chhmp). I asked my girlfriend to go with me because when you tell people about that kind of cr@p they tend to “logically” think you are just a case of PTSD (or worse). They told me there isn’t such a thing as an FCC-like organization concerned with the technicalities and ethics of the medical profession and societal well being. They took note of my complaints and basically told me: “Dude, you need to sleep!” I got some sleeping pills, which neither I, nor anyone in my family has ever needed; Benadryl is the closest to a sleeping pill I had ever taken when I am too stressed. Let me point out I come, both sides, from families living without (serious) disease into their late 80s, 90s and even their 100s.

On and off for a long time, USG has been sleep depriving me (a Nazi favorite form of torture, which has been linked to chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes), which related traumas may fatally render you permanently incapable of living a normal life. Then, after I started to expose them (ipsos custodes), they made my neighbors upstairs make very loud noises at times past 2AM. I could have recorded those EM and acoustic noises and proven that machines generating them can not possibly be domestic. However something “unexpected” happened. The most annoying, crazily loud noises were stopped (by Dr.’s mere annotations?) and, not only that, two of the snitches in my building (family mother who used to live in apartment 4E, and family father in 5H right above me), whom I have seen with plain-clothed police fielding me as I go to work, were standing in the building foyer right as I walked out; both staring at me in a silly (to me, puzzling) way, as if they were “sorry” (it was all recorded by the building cameras).

Of course, it is not just police, their “technical division” and their snitches. As it is becoming more and more clear, medical professionals are offering their expertise to help with societal-scale “norming” and repression of individuals who are not criminals under any standard. I imagine police, politicians and those politically-minded “patriotic” scientists coming to the self-serving, “logical” conclusion that: “since they are not touching you, it is all in your mind” and those determinations they keep secret for “national security reasons”.

I am a physicist, so I very clearly notice they have been sleep depriving me by inducing high frequency EM lobes and modulated noises in my apartment. I also notice at times people talking about this. Seven examples of my experiences as a targeted individual:

1) Autogenic training does wonders to help me manage. I -was- able to sleep even under their “torture regime”, but at some point they seemed to have “turned the screws a little harder” on me and I wasn’t able to sleep at all. I suspect it was not just the noises and EM lobes, but I felt very weird, as if they had been poisoning/lacing my food and/or somehow dusted chemicals on me. I was not only unable to sleep, but I was, for the first time in my life, having heaviness of head and headaches (both symmetrical and asymmetrical ones). As I have experienced myself, you need to get some solid sleep at the very least every third day, otherwise you would go clinically mad. I have managed to sleep at random spots in the sanctuary at church (infrared visors tell them where you are and sonic guns will awaken you) and at my girlfriend’s (they bugged her apartment too) but they do not act so obviously in either place; yet, girlfriend is a night owl and I am a morning bird, she must carefully observe her sleep lest she get migraine bouts …

2) Once, my girlfriend was sleeping at my place and she noticed those very loud and weird noises (she described as the combination of a very loud blender and some engine) twice+ a day. She also noticed the same kind of background noise (to me, maddeningly extenuating) as if it were from the distance (USG knows I suffer from some bad @ss tinnitus, they somehow are able to create noises, which frequencies, even if tenuous, are kinds of a wolf-fifths to my tinnitus). To those I would add their rhythmic (“legally authorized”) sonic guns and transformer hum kinds of noises. They “orchestrate” as not

letting you go into REM sleep, they would make crazily loud noises around midnight and then every one and a half to two hours, they wake you up by slowly increasing the intensity of such modulated noises, which actually rhythmically shake your body making your heart accelerate till you awake. Is this how they mess with your physical health to the point of causing you to have a heart attack or stroke in addition to messing with your mind? They must also know when you are in your bed and when you have awakened because they diminish and change the noises once you wake up.

Sonic guns can create noises, sounds and even voices right outside and inside an apartment. They routinely use your building’s fire alarms in the stair cases, bug your apartment with seemingly innocuous domestic devices and are able to only make noises in your bedroom using the building’s pipes. When I walk around my apartment, USG plays “ping pong” with me. While in the kitchen you notice noises in your bedroom, when you come to your bedroom then the noises start in the kitchen. They use their noises right as you walk into the bathroom or open the fridge, as if you were their animal subject they are “conditioning” in a Skinner/Pavlovian way. When you, say, open the fridge, fire alarms in the stair cases start beeping as if framing the message: “are you sure about what you are eating?”

3) The reason why I am almost 100% positive they are using drugs too, is because sh!t happens and stops happening to you in ways that must have some sort of obvious rhyme or reason GUIDED BY AGENCY and THEY LET YOU KNOW THEY VERY WELL KNOW ABOUT IT. You would start bloating or constipating crazily (which had never happened to me) for no apparent reason (you haven’t started taking any medication, nor have you changed your diet (I try to stick to a 5-2 fasting cycle)) or you would get all bitten by/itching from ants/bed bugs/scabies/microbes (again?!? I used to work as a garbage man, so I learned to clean my body thoroughly) and the most telling aspect of what “happens” to you is that; before and during the periods of time when such things “happen,” they make their snitches yell at and clown you around. You constantly find people acting as if they were laughably carefully observing their food; all kinds of people scratching their bodies right in front of you in way too “demonstrative” a manner; people with skin diseases stand right in front of you; suggestive images on the Internet with messages or video feeds about bloating and constipating in ways which are -very obviously- not random (the only person I talked to –unter vier Augen/face to face- about such matters is my girlfriend, never via email or on the phone). Their snitches would stare at you as if they knew you. Some of them even put on a silly, mocking smile. All of that starts “happening” more when you air memes which they apparently don’t like to be part of public consciousness [FCage] (now they own Physics too), “my phone gets angry” with a very loud noise, so I have to ask to use my church’s phone for my own job interviews.

I love to walk. I hear people say they kind of lose their own consciousness/fall asleep and even dream while they drive. That has happened to me as I walk! (I later learned that happens to cyclists and joggers, too). Right after posting a message criticizing police abuses [theguardian], their snitches started to bump into me on the streets in “you seem to love walking, nigga’ you” ways and then, after getting very weird headaches, my knees started first to pop crazily and I had excruciating pains when I’d bend them sideways, then the pain (from what appeared to be both meniscus) started even from regular walking and, as their way of having fun with their “targets,” THEY WOULD MAKE THE FIRE ALARMS START BEEPING AS YOU WALK INTO THE BUILDING AND STOP BEEPING AFTER YOU PAINFULLY WALKED UP THE STAIRWAYS. They make people in wheelchairs field, stare at you (“is this how you want to ultimately see yourself?”). How is it exactly that crippling me will make them score or make me stop cursing them? My doctor recently did a test looking for signs of arthritis and such. The report he got was negative.

4) §1 and §2 were nothing new. It was just “more intensity” of same old b#llsh!t, but something new and amazing started happening to me. After relaxing a bit, I go into my autogenic exercise trances (“Meine Zehen sind ganz warm,” “Meine Knie sind ganz warm,” “Ich bin ganz ruhig,” … which I have learned to kind of do mentally, inwardly as if I were praying) then I turn face down (in order to avoid acid reflux and make heart work its best). Usually I stay like that for a while and even when I don’t fall asleep/dream I do have some good rest, but after so many days without sleeping I started to effing dream while being awake!!! I also stopped having morning arousals and even feeling like having sex or masturbating. Like a week ago, I was able to begin dreaming again. They have not only sleep deprived me, but kept me for weeks without being able to dream. I wasn’t able to read for more than a month either. Still, even if you mostly feel like your own self has escaped you, you are able to tell apart right from wrong, breathe, walk one step at a time and be nice and true.

5) Something else that started to happen to me was that I was afraid of going to my place after my late afternoon teaching sessions. It felt like going back to my dungeon (I don’t think that people, who know me well, would think of me as a wimp).

6) I was “happy” to pass a -very basic- physics exam (for teachers) so I told my friends (that at least I didn’t have to retake it). One of them wrote back to me: “Are you telling me that you (a well-trained theoretical Physicist) are happy about passing a basic Physics exam?” and as I put together my thoughts to reply to him about not being able to sleep … I realized he was right. Those emming effing morons have driven me to a point that passing a basic physics exam makes me “happy”!

7) Last but not at all least: a very important factor in keeping your sanity is realizing that all those morally deafferented morons: politicians, (“good” and “bad”) police, their snitches and shills; aren’t really people like you and me. You are not supposed to attribute to them what consciousness scholars call a “theory of mind.” When, say, a fly bothers you all you do is pass by or fan it away, you don’t think of speaking to it in order to persuade it not to do so, nor do you actually care about their actions, because you know they couldn’t possibly understand you or ever be your equals (there is no intersubjectivity whatsoever). This way harassment, persecution and torture remain and end on their physical boundaries; they don’t fully, effectively and directly get into your mind. I remember when I was reading about that MIT geeky kid that “committed suicide” (he was also complaining about weird noises). I am sorry for him. Had he understood this well, he may still be alive and kicking today. In fact, at some point, you will feel downright proud at being persecuted by such emming effing morons. That gives you the very comforting assurance that you are not one of them. Of course, they should hate you!

I learned this since I was a little child in Cuba, while noticing how teachers would not talk (or even refer) to me during classes (which other kids noticed as well). They would walk away from me as if I had lice or smelled bad. Those teachers were not mean. In those times they didn’t have the technology and all kinds of “monitoring”/recording devices everywhere, so, police would make teachers write-up thorough reports about “the children of ‘the counter revolutionaries.’” Teachers would pretend they were not around me or I didn’t exist at all in order not to tax their workload with snitching b#llsh!t. A former famous baseball player would bring souvenirs to all kids in the neighborhood each time he toured the world, except to my siblings and me, and, other kids (wondering about the same), shamefully tried to hide their own souvenirs when they saw us.

Unfortunately, Aaron Swartz hadn’t developed immunity against that cr@p yet. USG used him as their pour encourager les autres case. Why did USG “target” him? Why did he “commit suicide”? How exactly were they “serving a ‘greater’ good”? Why are they so easily able to get away with murder? To which extent was “prestigious” MIT “neutrally” involved in the persecution of their students? I have repeatedly noticed how persecution becomes more aggressive while working at colleges and universities. Once I just walked out of a classroom in anger to a large extent “motivated” by that kind of cr@p.

Being targeted by the USG will affect from the jobs you can get to the social settings you may frequent to the chicks whose pants you get into. As a way to disentangle my own demons from that very taxing persecution cr@p I always, even compulsively, say the truth. So once I am getting close to some boobs I tell her, as a full disclosure kind of thing (instead of wasting time dating). Almost all of them go into a “Hello?, hello? …” performance and then don’t relate to you again or act as if they had never talked to you, you were non-existent. I find that so effective that I use it as some sort of mosquito repellent. At times it gets amusing.

Being in the pit makes you see reality from a very different vantage point. They say “there are two kinds of people,” the ones who think there is only one kind of people and those who think otherwise. Something I find amazing is that when you talk to people about persecution (regardless of how close they are to you) some don’t even want to talk about it (“such a stupid waste of time”), while some others would actually listen to what you tell them and check it out for themselves. I have had coworkers come up to me and tell me: “police are spreading rumors about you.” I have also wondered about what makes some kinds of people think they should lord it over other ones like their stupidity is more relevant than yours, or as Orwell masterfully put it (not entirely joking) while describing our animal farm: “… some animals are more equal than others”. We all seem to have our moral exclusions, dogmas and rationalizations.

Police are paid to mess with you in a sick way. They call themselves “the finest” and think of themselves as being “smart” (“intelligence” department). Their “intelligence” includes “smart” monitoring, fielding and following you on the streets. You may even find somewhat laughable (even if downright retarded) their preposterously b#llsh!ting acts. It is like you are very clearly seeing a kite, the cord to it and the morons flying it (in addition to understanding the physics behind kite flying) while they are trying to make you think that they have powers to make something fly by itself. I really don’t understand why they do that. To induce you to do some crazy sh! t?, to “convince” you, “you are crazy?”, to keep you mentally busy by reminding you how much you hate them? (that kind of addiction you must watch, learn to control as well).

In Cuba the Castros would formally accuse you of such things as “enemy propaganda” and “spreading false news against peace on earth”[cubaencuentro]. It is part of the openly documented penal code (Wow!, no FISA court cr@p in that “dirty, little sh!t communist country”!) The Catholic Church had their very openly advertised and thoroughly minded Index Librorum Prohibitorum. USG likes to boast about not persecuting people for political reasons, when, in fact, regarding some important aspects they are worse, less humane. In Cuba police summoned their targets to explain, discuss with them their repression plan face to face. USG thinks what they do is right because they “freedom-lovingly” do it in covert ways, backed by secret laws (which interpretations are secret), overseen by secret judges, since “in the U.S. there are laws protecting people’s rights.”

What an oddly illusive (yet seemingly effective) joke!

Castro police would place calls to me (not that aggressively often), and since I would not say anything when I noticed it was them but put down the telephone quietly and let them keep talking to themselves, they did remove my telephone service (as I remember) for 4 months. Gringo police removed the telephone service (and/or Internet access) first for hours, then days, weeks, … until they took it off for good. Yet, at times, even though my telephone had no signal whatsoever (Verizon technicians kept saying “my line was fine”), they let a call through for you to remember what is like to live a normal life. They have such a control over us that they are able to turn the voice of people talking to you into fax tones real time even when you don’t use your own phone (while talking to your son). Castro police didn’t like me a bit, but they didn’t constantly harass and threaten me, telling me “you won’t see from where it will hit you,” “anyone can get shot at,” “you need ‘medication'” … as I walked on the streets.

Sometimes I wonder how is it exactly you fall into their fishing nets. People have told me not to mind gringo police, that USG profile people as it strikes their fancy in order to justify their salaries and, Inquisition-style, when you say no to their b#llsh!t, they see it as more proof as to why you should be their target. USG has been shutting down my computers in ways that you clearly see it is them (my laptop and desktop at once). Writing a poem bricks your router.

I, like Chaplin, Lennon, Orwell, Muhammad Ali (“no Vietcong ever called me nigger”) clearly see “patriotism”, race, ethnicity are ways for politicians and those fencing and “norming” our minds to mess with us, but how exactly does that turn you into terrorist/threat to society? Friends have told me those kinds of thought police things are global now. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, if you are a foreigner, have a criminal history or are a detainee. They sigint everybody anyway and (based on their secret interpretations) once “your patterns” somehow become suspiciously “unnormed” you are in.

They seem to be smart enough to realize they haven’t been that successful with me, but what about other people? Forking a version of Linux/Debian customized in an anti-NSA way to also monitor your environment is easy and will show to people that they are not crazy, that USG is doing such things in a way that it could be proven and documented. We will also need independent “out-of-NSA’s-215-reach”[NSA’s-215] ways to medically test people. They could alter the documents in transit as a way to mess with people’s health. Recently, John Oliver’s satire pointed out section 215, aka the “library records” provision which makes part of the NSA’s fishing game way more than “library records” and “dick pics.” Something peculiar in those provisions I find particularly troubling are our medical records. What exactly do our medical records have to do with our moral, civil and political convictions?!? They (even!) say it is not about the bulk collection per se, but “what they do” with all that detailed data about every one of us …

John Oliver’s satire:

People who were tortured during USG/CIA backed “freedom-loving” dictatorship they had in Brazil during those esquadrão da morte times tell us about the ambiance of enthusiasm and even pride of those committing such horrendous acts; about how they saw themselves as “patriotically ‘helping'” those they tortured and “serving a ‘greater good,’” about doctors walking around torture chambers to make sure their subjects would not fall unconscious “in order to keep doing ‘their’ ‘work.'” Those “truly patriotic” @ssh0l3s would openly say they should torture all Brazilians to see who were “the true patriots.”

I find sadly amazing that USG commissioned “projects” of many well-known University departments as part of MKUltra (of course, they could figure out what they were actually doing). However, as it happened with Nazi-era psychologists, they never denounced or came clean about it as a service to history and civility. As a high ranking member of APA put it himself: “I’m a psychologist, was a member of APA at the time, and a member of the intelligence community. Why not provide input?” Yeah! Why not? You can be a psychologist and an @ssh0l3 too, just as you could be a well- read child molester. He seemed to have missed those lessons in Psycho 101. Recently, Germany’s Supreme Court ruled the involuntary treatment of patients illegal. USG has been, very involuntarily indeed, putting people under Zersetzung. Is “freedom-loving”, “patriotic” , “God-blessed” Zersetzung legal?, OK?



Ricardo Camilo López biography: I was born July 14th, 1960 and raised in Havana Cuba in a family of high-profile political dissidents, artists and anarchists. My single mother very directly influenced my own perception of my very stressful environment and outer societal reality, and indirectly fostered my interest in science and mathematics (as my way out). Eventually, I got a scholarship to the Technical University of Dresden in East-Germany, were I graduated as a Theoretical Physicist in 1986. After being offered political asylum by the US State Department and my “exit permit” being denied, I escaped Cuba on a raft 1994 after which I was put in Guantánamo for 1 year. I currently work as a Math teacher in NYC.

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28 Responses to Targeted Individuals: what the US .01% MUST do to avoid arrests for obvious crimes centering in war, money, lies

  1. bo says:

    You should hide on a desert island or a mental hospital where they can no longer get to you!

  2. Guillotine_ready says:

    In order for our societies to recover, and fro credibility to ever exist again in our world these psychopaths and their enablers and protectors must be brought to justice. No slap on the wrist, no probation actual prison time in the same prisons used for everyone else. Their crimes are far worse than those committed by anyone currently in prison, and their sentence must reflect the true extent of their
    Anything less than actual justice will never be enough, and we all already know enough about their crimes to never ever trust anything from them again, not ever. And as for their fantasy about leading us, no way in hell.

  3. hvaiallverden says:

    The article is good, and my add is more of an confirmation of the childhood expiriences witch this person have had, witch was exactly like mine, strager in my own land.
    Its now mutch later I realised the scale of it, nationalising an nation, how to treat “non-aproved” citisense, as I.
    The fact that we where targeted by the comunety and how deep this was done and to the extent of it havent dawnwd to me before just lately, because as You have writen, its unbelivable first, and when you finaly getts your eyes kicked open, its massive.
    Its the MSM, its the “science” and politics and a fight about recoursess.

    I have had f….. knows what 2 times as fra I can judge, clever bastards, you know, doing ltile thing, makes you maybe loosing trust on your wife/housband a.s.o. children for that matter, like adultery and so on, psyop games, the second time someone fred an electro pistol at our cat.
    The next time I have one of thos f….. in here I will retaliate spectaculary, and I dont want to nor deed to kill anyone, just show that I know whom is behind this.
    Like old times, an arrow in the wall, just cm from their head with an litle notise on.
    The next time I will NOT miss.
    ANd DONT f…. with our children, then I swear Il skin that same f…. alive.
    I dont care about Police, since I see them as testosteron stinking monkeys in uniform, muschels for the state, dumb f…. in general.
    I grew up in an country, close to the Russian border, I have seen Intelgenece police crawling under our nabours pourtch as the saying goes where Im from.

    The only reason for all this, is because I belong to an people both countrys consider to be an nousance and an pain in their asses, in Russia and Norway/NATO.

    Yea, squiced by both, belive me, the wall is massive.
    I fight my own cause, stand tall and give them the finger, find out where their equimpent is an wack it/them, and you can if its bad, buy some high end, ear plugs, some have programable frequence range filters, witch mean you can adjust that mutch better than anything else.
    But better is to hunt down the equipment, that what I would do.

    Dont take it personally, that is an dangerous trapp to lett one self be draged into, keep the distance, to keep your own sanity, I have becomed mutch more, not cynical, but better filtering upon what I infact think upon, and I dont linger in it any more, to, once again, retain your own sanity, to keep your self objective.


    • Ricardo Camilo Lopez says:

      Persecution has become “global”. We all know everyone is under “extended” surveillance, not just “Muslim ‘terrorists'”. Some people seem to have even, quietly given up their right to privacy:

      // __ Panopticon

      (16:00) … it is mandatory by law to send your (psychiatric) diagnosis to a “National Database”
      I would love to know more about your own story even if you say it is so similar to my own.

      Muslim people are being targeted en-mass in the U.S. just for the mere act of being. I would like to hear their stories, too. Talking about persecution in Western countries and not including Muslim people would be like some sort of “Black like me” 2.0.



  4. SourDove says:

    If someone really believed this, and wanted to be sure no one else does, this is how they would write.

    • Carl_Herman says:

      How about the verified programs of MKULTRA:

      and COINTELPRO:–fbi-cointelpro-program-the-fred-hampton-assassination

      I mean, SourDove, given you choose to exist in the domain of as you write believing this or that rather than do any research from the links and have an informed comment to start, check out those two links and talk to us about the extent such government action has happened in the past.

      Either do some research, or we’ll be happy to classify you as refusing to look at the best evidence of such practices.

      • SourDove says:

        I commented on the style of exposition. For example, new TVs monitor viewers. Sixty years ago some people were determined to convince the world that that technology was already ubiquitous. Taking a TV apart wasn’t convincing for them.

        Of course MKULTRA and COINTELPRO happened. Given they were secret at the time, there’s no reason to assume they ever stopped. Richard Helms dismissed concerns about the former by saying the efforts at mind control were not as effective as hoped, not that they never worked. If they did, we’d see a series of lone gunmen willing to die or face life in jail, oh wait.

        None of which has any bearing on the way this article presents its claims. I submit that the people who find this style persuasive probably believe the premise already. I doubt it will persuade others.

      • SourDove says:

        Wait, I “choose to exist in the domain of as [I] write believing this or that?” I what now?

        • Carl_Herman says:

          You wrote about people believing this rather than considering the testimony in light of abundant evidence of government doing similar acts to people, like MKULTRA and COINTELPRO. So, given below that you state these programs existed, I’m fine with your opinion that somehow the testimony doesn’t communicate.

          That said, I’m totally empathetic to what victims go through as I can soooo easily imagine the “leaders” I’ve worked with gleefully enacting such programs. Some facts are too difficult to hear, so it won’t matter how polished the presentation.

          I’m sure you’ve discovered this irony of communicating important areas of facts 🙂

          • SourDove says:

            I’m sure someone somewhere is trying to do similar things. Whether it’s possible isn’t really in question, but neither is the fact that hearing about such a thing makes others imagine they are affected as well.

  5. Tom says:

    It is easy for balanced-budget minded folks to think of this VERY expensive harassment of individuals to be a monstrous waste of money. But that’s just because they don’t understand our monetary system well enough. From the banksters’ point of view, there is a critical need to constantly flood the economy with new money to pay the interest on current debt, so any expenditure that helps that project is a plus to them. Even if it is otherwise totally useless. If the expenditure can be shown to help in corralling dissenters, so much the better. It’s helicopter money not-so-stealthily handed out to the forces of oppression.

    The fact is, in a system of honest money, this kind of wasteful expenditure on oppression would quickly bring down the government when they tried to tax us enough to pay for it out of current revenues. Only central banking funny-money makes this possible.

    • Ricardo Camilo López says:

      From a plain technical point of view, I don’t think it is expensive at all to our rulers since we all “pay our own way”. “We the people” actually pay for our cell phones (which serve as centimetric tracking devices) and TV sets. Lately, we have started to, stupidly beyond belief, enjoy the so-called “Internet of things”. USG internet-of-thinged Michael Hastings

      // __ In Response to Theories on Michael Hastings’ Fatal Crash
      Had he known what a Faraday cage is, they wouldn’t have been able to cover the controls of his car with one so they couldn’t have hijacked it remotely and so easily killed him. At most all you need to do is telling people it was that pro-Russia Putin or dangle some royal b#llsh!t to their faces.

      I was amazed that google was even selling those self-monitoring glasses which would turn you even into an unpaid and somewhat innocent spy. We take the time to write up reports about our private lives (what is left from it, that is) even entertaining illusions about “privacy settings” on facebook while we are at it …

      Neither Orwell, nor Zamyatin would have thought in their wildest dreams of a society in which every citizen, quite literally, would pay to watch themselves 24×7 and would quietly relinquish their privacy. Aleksander Solshetnitzing described how he was able to privately write. He seemed to have had some privacy left even during Stalin times it seems, even while writing from a concentration camp and almost mortally sick. In “‘the’ land of ‘the’ ‘free’ and the brave” privacy has become the Santa of Adulthood, and, hey!, if you have nothing to hide … (do people actually know where, from whom that kind of mindset originated?)

      From the use mechanical artifacts to the invention of spoken and written language technologies have always been a double-edge sword (you can use a flint stone against your equals even yourself, you can lie even in writing). Nowadays technologies are way too ubiquitously handy as a negative, evil force in an all encompassing way. Politicians, police, those in power will not let go of it. They have no track record whatsoever of being honest, rational, morally guided individuals.

      I think USG (and their allies) is trying (and being successful even if not quite so) to redefine itself as some sort of Catholic Church. In those times the Catholic Church served as a pan European repressive and populace controlling institution. The church of those times served as some sort of NSA combined with media (vast networks of snitches and elaborate manipulation of the masses). They used to say to us in those times that “as soon as a coin in the coffer rings / the soul from purgatory springs”. Doesn’t that sound irrationally stupid? How could any people believe such cr@p? Well, think again!

      At least the Catholic Church took the time to thoroughly mind by chapter and paragraph their Index Librorum Prohibitorum (publishers made good money by just printing exactly what they didn’t want to ;-)) and they had to abusively and explicitly reinstitute the sacrament of penance in order to have an idea of what “those potential sinners” had in their minds. Compare that with current politicians including that one who spent 12 years in law school studying constitutional law to then thoroughly wipe his black @ss with it. Most U.S. politicians in congress and the senate didn’t even know what NSA stood for. All you have to tell them they are some patriots … We are all sinners by default nowadays.


  6. Ricardo Camilo López says:

    As I was pointing out below in a reply to Tom about the dangers of USG trying to reinvent itself as some sort of technologically-based Catholic Church, I would cite Foucault verbatim: Jobe -Foucault and ancient polizei.pdf

    Foucault, by way of contrast, then remarks that in the Greek city-state the individual was also integrated in the state’s utility but through “the form of the ethical community’ (2000a). In contrast to this ancient form of political technology, Foucault claims, modern political rationality obtains the integration of individuals into the state’s utility “by a certain specific technique called then, and at this
    moment, “police”’ (ibid.).

    Thus, Foucault (2000a) claims that there existed in the Greek city-state a form of political technology of the individual, but that this was exercised through the form of the “ethical community’ and not in the pastoral form of the ‘shepherd-ruler’. For Foucault, Plato’s Statesman shows how Plato entertained and rejected the notion of the ruler as shepherd of a population or flock. Plato’s Statesman, for Foucault, is the definitive articulation of the Greek separation of the ethical shepherding of the community and the political ordering of the city.

    For Foucault, the idea of the shepherd was restricted to the ethical community in the form of the physician, the farmer, the gymnasiarch, and the pedagogue (Foucault 2000b, p. 306). In the Greek city-state, then, Foucault says that Plato maintained that “the men who hold political power are not to be shepherds. Their task doesn’t consist in fostering the life of a group of individuals. In consists in forming and assuring the city’s unity … the pastoral problem concerns the lives of individuals’ (2000b, p. 307). Indeed, according to Foucault, nowhere in the Greek political literature does there appear the idea of the politician or statesman as someone who is or ought to be concerned with leading or guiding the daily lives and habits of individuals. The politician–statesman in Greek society, for Foucault, is concerned not with the “everyday life and habits’ of citizens that Christian pastorship and “police’ rationality would become obsessed with; rather, Foucault argues that “the idea of the deity, or the king, or the leader, as a shepherd followed by a flock of sheep was not familiar to the Greeks and Romans.

    Foucault, Michel, 2000a. The political technology of individuals. In: James Faubion, ed. Essential works of Foucault: 1954–1984, Vol. 3, Power. New York: New Press, 403–417.

    Foucault, M., 2000b. Omnes et Singulatim: Towards a critique of political reason. In: James Faubion, ed. Essential works of Foucault: 1954–1984, Vol. 3, Power. New York: New Press, 298–325.


  7. This publication surly belongs here with your article Mr. Herman. January 31st, 2016 Your Radiation This week No 41

    January 23 to January 30, 2016

    (San Francisco) January 30, 2016 – Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States.

    **Normal Radiation** is 5 to 20 CPM. [4]


    1,551 CPM, 310.2 Times Normal, Miami, FL. Beta, Gamma.

    1,436 CPM, 287.2 Times Normal, Colorado Springs, CO. Beta, Gamma.

    1,285 CPM, 257 Times Normal, Little Rock, AR. Beta, Gamma.

    1,238 CPM, 247.6 Times Normal, Spokane, WA. Beta, Gamma.

    1,233 CPM, 246.6 Times Normal, El Paso, TX. Beta, Gamma.

    1,213 CPM, 242.6 Times Normal, Grand Junction, CO. Beta, Gamma.

    1,170 CPM, 234 Times Normal, Denver, CO. Beta, Gamma.

    1,166 CPM, 233.2 Times Normal, San Diego, CA. Beta, Gamma.

    1,133 CPM, 226.6 Times Normal, Louisville, KY. Beta, Gamma.

    1,111 CPM, 222.2 Times Normal, Salt Lake City, UT. Beta, Gamma.

    1,098 CPM, 219.6 Times Normal, Mason City, IA. Beta, Gamma.

    1,071 CPM, 214.2 Times Normal, Tucson, AZ. Beta, Gamma.

    1,070 CPM, 214 Times Normal, Laredo, TX. Beta, Gamma.

    1,070 CPM, 214 Times Normal, Raleigh, NC. Beta, Gamma.

    1,068 CPM, 213.6 Times Normal, Riverside, CA. Beta, Gamma.

    1,018 CPM, 203.6 Times Normal, Anaheim, CA. Beta, Gamma.

    1,006 CPM, 201.2 Times Normal, Kearney, NE. Beta, Gamma.

    1,005 CPM, 201 Times Normal, Idaho Falls, ID. Beta, Gamma.

  8. Ricardo Camilo López says:

    the source document is with the proper links:

    // __ Zersetzung made in U.S.A. (Posted on May 27, 2015)

    I, “Albretch Mueller”, happen to know at least two things about state represion (including the stasi). I did call Hubertus Knabe on a number of the points he was making in his ted talk.

    A previous long blog about my experiences (including the Zersetzung made in U.S.A. post):

    // __ Quis custodiet ipsos custodes … (Posted on October 16, 2010)


  9. Ricardo Camilo López says:

    Sat Mar 5 07:10:53 EST 2016

    I don’t watch TV at all (don’t even own a TV-set) but today as I was doing my laundry they had the TV on. One of those talking heads they use as news anchors was saying that notorious narco king Chapo Guzmán was being “awaken every second hour” by barking dogs and noises as part of the harassment and tortured directed at him.

    Another one was asking “… but, why are they doing this?”, while the other was saying (even if unconvincingly to the other talking head asking that question) that that was just “customary lock-ups routine” ((prison jargon for head counts) of daily life in prison), ” … in order to make sure that he doesn’t escape again”.

    Not that I respect or care that much about Guzmán even though I still think torture is inhumane and illegal while in prison also (even more so, I would say), and I know well that he is just a cog in the systemic corruption in the Mexican government/society.

    ‘El Chapo’ se queja de brutal tortura en ‘El Altiplano’ porque no lo dejan dormir: abogado

    ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán le explicó que es despertado “con estridencia” cada dos horas, una situación “insoportable” por la que se siente “torturado”.

    EFE, 16 Feb 2016
    What I find truly amazing is that becoming a TI by USG (even though you aren’t a criminal under any standard) will make you receive the exact same torturing treatment that those “freedom-loving” psychologists advising USG have now advised the Mexican government to be prescribed to Guzmán!, which go back to what they learned from the books of their “Operation Paperclip” colleagues.

    and, “hey!, who doesn’t want to make ‘America’ great ‘again'”!

    truth and peace and love,


  10. Ricardo Camilo López says:


    Despertar al “Chapo” cada 4 horas, no es violar sus derechos: Eduardo Guerrero

    Redacción AM 1 Mar 2016 – 12:01 CET

    CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 01 de marzo (Al Momento Noticias) .-

    Eduardo Guerrero, comisionado del Órgano Administrativo Desconcentrado de Prevención y Readaptación Social, rechazó que se estén violando los derechos humanos de Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán al despertarlo cada cuatro horas.

    El funcionario justificó la medida al afirmar que forma parte de los protocolos de seguridad para reos de alto perfil.
    Sat Mar 5 10:30:45 EST 2016

    Those two initial statements by, Eduardo Guerrero, Commissioner of the Authority for Social Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Mexican government proves that those psychologists employed by USG, know the biological difference between disrupting your sleep every two hours and every four hours.

    If they do so every two hours you will not be able to go into REM sleep, which severely affects your mind and body and definitely is a “more effective” form of torture (one of Nazi’s favorite one; but, well, when USG officials and their allies do it, “it is different” because they do it “freedom-lovingly” and “they hear (their Star Wars-like) ‘God’ telling them to save democracy in the Universe” …).

    USG has suggested to the Mexican government to torture him in this way to try to work him into their snitch. That also shows that USG is trying to redefine itself as some sort of (IMO) lousy, “freedom-loving” Catholic Church for the world at large. So USG’s elite and “their allies” will become even less than the world’s 0.01%

    Also, the Mexican government is turning “Chapo” Guzmán into even more of a folk hero by following directions of USG (which Mexicans would largely dislike) and by subjecting him to torture. Notice also how the Mexican government government has started to be pretentious the gringo way. AFAIK, they had never cared about how their actions look to the outside, now they are covering their tracks “plausibly”. It is not the same waking you up with noises and barking dogs than going to your cell, opening its aperture and simply shouting your name, but, they, following gringo protocol, would say that they are just doing routine patrol and for that they happen to use dogs in their supermax security prisons …


  11. stalked562 says:

    Any defense or shield against DEWs?

  12. Ricardo Camilo López says:

    Since my comments are constantly removed from wherever I post them and they demand in fora out there for you to log in “using a facebook account”?!? I would post a reply to her as a form of a discussion for us (TIs). If you have a facebook account you could post a link for them to this post.Thank you
    // __ March 28, 2016: NSA whistleblower (Karen Stewart) comes out of the shadows into the light, by Sher Zieve

    This ultimately is what got me fired because I questioned why my work was used to promote another employee who had no experience with but, was credited with my work.

    … so I feel no compunction to be held to a standard required by the EEOC judge at NSA’s request that NSA itself clearly holds in utter contempt.

    Absolutely nothing of substance so far. This is just protagonism and expectations based on “gentlemen’s agreements”

    After all, they were mostly naïve, unsophisticated boobs who desperately imagined that they were little James Bonds and that the greatest existential threat to their country was a woman waiting for her lawsuit to be decided, living in Tallahassee, walking her dogs, visiting friends.

    All they won’t ever have a shortage of those in society:“Milgram+experiment”

    Also, what is the difference you supposedly see between being a sophisticated boob (like you) and otherwise? That sophisticated boobs are smart, multilingual, patriotic?

    when “electrical harassment” was mentioned, I could not really grasp the concept and wondered about its existence. But I was to find out first hand in November 2015 that it does exist and is a horrific crime against humanity.

    “crime against humanity” is a technical term. Welcome to the club!

    NSA and its operatives started using small, mobile devices called Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) against me and my family in the night.

    Something that I find peculiarly sick about gringo police is how they don’t care about your own family (including children) in order to harm, mess with you.

    The Leon County Sheriff’s Department as well as the Tallahassee Police Department are dragging their feet, making excuses, denying any such thing exists, or insulting me when I try to enlist their help to come up with a strategy to combat this new crime – before I or one of my family is dead.

    What exactly makes you think that they would not “drag their @ss”?

    They are trying to “prove” to yourself and anyone else, you are paranoid. Now, expecting for them not to “drag their @ss” is downright irrational and at least your lawyers should not be surprised by it.

    They can’t quite grasp the fact that this is domestic terrorism and nothing protects the police or any official from this new weapon held and wielded by criminals.

    Why do you think police would be able to “grasp ‘facts'”?

    Clearly, NSA is of the opinion that you do not have Constitutional Rights unless they say you do. If they use this to get rid of an inconvenient lawsuit such as mine instead of simply “settling” for a tenth of the cost of harassment, then they must feel confident they can murder anyone, anywhere, for any reason and get away with it…including any leader or politician.

    …including any leader or politician? Well, yes, they are people too, aren’t they? As long as they do it “freedom-lovingly” and “patriotically” it all seems to be fine.

    While my lawyers have recorded the information about the new assault campaign by NSA in Florida, thus far their pleas with the EEOC for some kind of response because their client is now in physical danger have been completely ignored.

    I think, since you worked for them, you should be able to understand your expectations about making them respect you (are? or) were one of them, being rational, humane, respectful of “constitutional rights” are totally hopeless; so, you are just hopelessly wasting your money, resources and time (which is one of their techniques by the way).

    What has been going on in Florida is entirely criminal …

    Florida did you say? I think you should open your mind out the window and look at the world at large

    It truly sickens me that I spent my career trying to protect and serve my fellow Americans when not only my government but these unworthy mercenary, sociopaths have stabbed me in the back. Some of the stalkers have even been Iraqi War veterans…some of whom might not have returned alive without my reports.

    … “trying to protect and serve my fellow ‘Americans’ …” who know stab you in the back … and you are expecting any kind of rationality from “your fellow ‘Americans'”?

    I read Psalm 91 & 94 nightly, praying God will want to erase this growing evil from our country.

    Again, open your mind out the window and look at the world at large. Gandhi used to say to his fellow citizens while they were fighting the external evils of the British occupation not to forget about their own internal ones such as the caste system, crass discrimination towards untouchables and corruption, and the essential connection between internal and external types of evils, in fact, sameness in body and spirit of both!

    Americans are just not the people they and we used to be and, therefore, our leaders are either apathetic cowards who tolerate evil or potentially monsters like NSA Security – who show that they can be and are not responsible to anyone but themselves.

    That is one of those types of “the great old times” illusions. USG has been ever since “freedom-lovingly” persecuting and assassinating people from Martin Luther King Jr to President Kennedy and way more abroad.

    In fact, in Iraq USG and their allies have greatly surpassed the genocidal ratio of Nazi Germany during WWII and you seem to be feel “patriotic”, “deserving of acknowledgement” and even a raise for that and at the same time despise “unsophisticated boobs”, “unworthy mercenaries”, “sociopaths” …

    Karen, I would suggest to you to move out of the U.S. while you can. Don’t let them use you as another of their “pour encourager les autres” case in the way they want.

    One of the most enrichingly truthful spiritual stanzas I have ever heard has been by St. Francis (a guy even liked and revered by Muslim people during inquisition times!): “Above all graces and gifts God has granted us with is one’s own capacity of overcoming oneself.”

    truth and peace and love,

    • Noni77 says:

      I believe the “unsophisticated boobs” are the civilian proxy stalkers, fooled into totally dismissing any and all vestiges of law and Constitution to harass her. Why do YOU attack her? Purpose? To tear down her testimony? How does that help anyone? And as a people become less moral, their leaders reflect this, which is to what she refers, perhaps? Not an illusion at all. Sociopaths have been proven to be an increasingly larger number in our society.

      • Carl_Herman says:

        *posted for Ricardo Camilo Lopez, as his reply keeps “magically” disappearing*

        “I believe the “unsophisticated boobs” are the civilian

        proxy stalkers, fooled into totally dismissing any and all vestiges of

        law and Constitution to harass her. Why do YOU attack her?”

        As I explained to Karen in a private apologizing, clarifying email,

        it is not my intention at all to “attack” (“disagree with” you meant?)

        her personally or anyone, let alone under such ill-fated level of


        What I actually objected to (and here I am talking in general) is

        that those of us who self-considered to be, bureaucratically, morally

        or technically “sophisticated boobs” tend to see ourselves as holding

        some sort of exclusive, superior, reserved rights to reality. Think of

        it, how could anyone working for the NSA in any capacity then expect

        for anyone to be morally kosher, follow the rule of law, respect the


        It is like when the Israeli government accuses Palestinians of being

        “terrorists”. Is state terrorism OK? Why? Because it is financed and

        backed by USG? How on earth could people occupying someone’s land then

        be lecturing them about morality?

        Or, when the German government says: “Oh, no, we are not killing

        anyone. It is illegal under German law! We are just relaying

        electromagnetic signals captured from satellites to NSA bases in the

        U.S. It is them killing people based on “statistical patterns” using

        drones, making a generation of children grow up having nightmares

        about being themselves or their loved ones blown apart any second …

        Or, when, after the OPM hack, USG was saying that “that information

        can be used to blackmail people”. Really?!?!

        truth and peace and love,


    • S. Jill says:

      Last night, on porch in new apt. 1st time, at dusk, cart with guy using loud leaf blower appeared, a couple cars pulled in and out of usually empty parking lot. And a helicopter buzzed the building. How do they time these things?
      The directed RF energy is intense there, along with other “experimentations.”
      I bear witness because I think the negative goal – if it is God’s will for my purpose – will come. THey are certainly trying hard to stress and damage me in all ways. I have gotten the “message” in one word in the most intense 2-way brain games: neutralize.
      I stand behind law enforcement and those in charge of various agencies that are supposed to HELP us. This is truly nuts.
      My warning goes out: no one knows exactly WHY they have these daily 24/7 targeting issues. But I have a smart meter case at federal level – to opt out of 2 meters on my home for electro-sensitivity ADA issues. I also have advocated for better protective radiofrequency radiation limits at all levels. Is this a cause stalking issue? Who knows.
      BUT IF SO, then be informed that RF radiation is in fact another way to damage and stunt the population. People need to be educated that the wireless radiation as permitted has sky high limits and is biologically dangerous and damaging. See U.S. gov. report from 1971 by Zory R. Glaser at Magda Havas website. See Frank Clegg’s Canadian website Safe Technologies, which says we want SAFE tech, not NO tech.
      All that money on harassing certain people could surely be used in positive ways. As for dissent, what was America about again? What?

  13. S. Jill says:

    Please seem my comment responding to Ricardo Camilo Lopez below, since I could not get it to post up here. THanks.

  14. Karen Amanda says:

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  15. Aaaa says:

    U go around cheating people to go against them for your agenda.

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