Compulsory Zionism

In view of the current outbreak of compulsory Zionism, I thought that I might make certain my own position is quite clear, as delivered to an audience of 250,000 people a few years ago


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  1. colinjames71 says:

    Cumpulsory Zionism. That’s just perfect.

  2. Fee-fi-fo-fum says:

    That is a decent human being. There are way too few of his king in this world.

  3. unheilig says:

    I respect a man who’s willing to stand up and be counted. Well done sir.

  4. Zionism uses Jews as a human shield. Feel free to quote me on that.

  5. diogenes says:

    It’s great to hear a speaker from a country where some people in political life still tell the truth and tell it straight.

    BUT, it is important to understand that the current brouhaha is not really about Israel or about “anti-semitism” at all. It is about creating a distraction to divert public discussion in Britain from the pressing issues that concern Britain AT HOME — starting with its predatory economy — as bad as ours — and its relations with the Common Market. Not infrequently in history — ours as well as theirs — the “issue” of “anti-semitism” has been used for such ends.

    • Eol Awki says:

      Anti-Semitism is a mechanism used to disrupt and oppress frank discussions centring around: Israeli treatment of Palestinians; the influence of the Jewish community on the social, political and economic life of the country; the influence on journalism, education and the media in general which is owned by only 6 giant Jewish led multinational corporations; the reasons behind the Middle East wars; the rapacious and predatory nature banking and financial services sector owned almost exclusively by those in the Jewish community; and the Holocaust and WWII

      In short there in reality exists very little anti-Semitism in Britain, but a great deal of resentment against those few Jewish bankers and businessmen who own all of the above. Being against them can not in any way be construed as ‘anti-Semitism’. Nor can one or two isolated statements made by a politician and highly subject to interpretation be grounds for accusing a person of anti-Semitism.

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