Website Construction Almost Finished

Trying to install new software nuked all of the site’s formatting, and my host hadn’t backed up the formatting files.

I’ve had to wrestle each part into place with my bare hands … using brute force.

Since I’m not very good at css style coding (the formatting code most websites use these days), this has been a little like trying to carry a bunch of  giant, wet, wriggling snakes across the yard, and then trying to tame them enough to coax them into shoe boxes.  Easy if you handle snakes for a living … harder for a writer and busy professional.

The funny thing is that the new software which started this whole mess still doesn’t work.   So, back under the hood for some more work.

Postscript: Of course, the more I wrestle with code, the less I can write … so my apologies in advance for the sparse posting.

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