Top Russian Judge: US ‘Exceptionalism’ Rhetoric is Hitlerian

Russian Constitutional Court Chairman Valery Zorkin pointed out that US exceptionalism rhetoric is the same as rhetoric used by the Nazis, and that it also exemplifies Orwell’s observation that certain people and groups proclaim themselves to be ‘more equal’ than others.  Zorkin noted that exceptionalism rhetoric is an:

“…almost exact copy of leading politicians and propaganda specialists of the Third Reich, including Adolph Hitler… In essence, Obama is using the exact same thing that Nazi bosses said about the German exceptionalism when they started the world war,” he added.

According to Zorkin, the same applies to the US doctrines on development of mass media and electronic communications – the US authorities see their goal as establishing absolute global domination of their country in the global information space. This idea also constantly appears in Obama’s public speeches.

Obama says that Americans and the USA are an exceptional people and an exceptional state and thus they can pretend for much more than any other people or state. In other words, he follows the plot of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ dystopia and, while formally not rejecting the principle of equality of sovereign states and peoples, fixed by the UN Charter, he still declares that Americans and America are ‘more equal’ than any other country and the rest of the planet’s population,” RIA Novosti quoted the judge as saying.

Zorkin also told his colleague at the forum that he considered such approach to be a blatant violation of international legal norms.

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