The Clinton Nonevent

Michael Collins

the end Creative Commons

the end Creative Commons

FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation against indicting Hillary Clinton is truly a nonevent. In the big picture, it means very little and signifies nothing new. Clinton indictment or not, the money dominated, corrupt, and violent system survives. (Image)

What if Clinton had been indicted?

Had Clinton been charged, that would have been the end of her campaign. All of the zombie Democrats led by their degenerate Hollywood champions could not have put her back together again.

Would we have felt the Bern?

The Sanders campaign lost its luster and claim to integrity when Sanders quietly admitted he would vote for Hillary.

How do you maintain your integrity while voting for the former Secretary of State responsible for 250,000 dead Syrian people in a war she helped start?

How do you maintain you’re leading a movement when you promise your vote to someone who knew or should have known she was breaking Federal law in the way she handled highly sensitive information?

Sanders lost what he could have had when he genuflected to Hillary and her Wall Street patrons.

Since Clinton is the candidate of Wall Street, it’s reasonable to assume that the power elite had a contingency plan in case Comey actually did his job. They did. Recall Joe Biden’s brief hints that he might seek the Democratic nomination.  That was a card that could be played or ignored as events unwound.

The Biden option would have been greeted with fanfare and flourish. We would have heard this and much more: This is the election of our lifetime. Can the party afford an experiment with Sanders and risk a President Trump? Etc., etc.  

Only someone with the odious history and presence of Hillary Clinton could make it a close race with Donald Trump.   She polls just a point or two ahead of Trump in key states. A Biden candidacy would have carried the day.

President Biden would be an Obama light, a marginal improvement over the president’s dreadful record. Under Biden, we wouldn’t instigate a war with Russia. Middle East policy might be a bit more rational.

But, we would have the same United States Senate, the same House of Representatives, and the same spineless Supreme Court.

We’d have the same nonstop enrichment of Wall Street courtesy of just about everybody else in the country.

We’d have the same bloated military establishment, the same national security state interference in our private affairs, and the crippling budget to support both.

And, we would have the same crooked election system that put Clinton in a position where her illegal activities came to represent an issue of national significance.

We’ve been in a state of political and ethical free-fall for some time.

We’re about to hit bottom.

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