12-minute video: ‘Official’ lies about history go to origins: 12,000 year-old Gobekli Tepe temple points to advanced ancient civilizations

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“Gobekli Tepe changes everything.”  ~ Ian Hodder, Director of Stanford’s Archeology Center (quote source, 52-minute talk on this topic)

“We are living at the time when human beings are finally waking-up all around the world. It’s slow. It’s not a huge flame yet, but it’s growing and brighter every day.”  ~ Graham Hancock (in first interview below)

Anyone on the path of studying history discovers “official” narratives are lies of omission and commission; bullshit (an academic term) to herd people away from comprehensive and independently verifiable facts. Those of us who are professional historians choosing intellectual integrity and moral courage must become rebels from this controlled and lying propaganda connected to corporate media because what we’re told is sooooo far from what any reasonably educated person can demonstrate as accurate.

A compelling example is international multiple Bestseller author of Magicians of the Gods, Graham Hancock, in this 12-minute interview on the game-changing archeological find of Gobekli Tepe:

Other examples:

  1. My brief “top ten” US history lies is a clear presentation of conservatively-embraced history without challenge of accuracy in its components, but without typical public school obfuscating omissions.
  2. Perhaps most important on impact of quality of life on Earth, war law is crystal-clear in letter and intent. US/UK/Israel lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression are easily proved as such, and in stark contrast to obfuscating official rhetoric.
  3. Perhaps most important with money is the ~$1,000,000 per US household benefits of monetary reform and public banking. Literally, you have nothing more valuable to do with your time and attention than to learn this.
  4. The US doesn’t have a president from election after informed debate, but rogue state dictator from election fraud after bullshit propaganda. Again, anyone educated can easily explain, document, and prove these factual claims as independently verifiable, and make fools of anyone attempting to support claims of president from election after informed debate.
  5. All global poverty can be easily ended with known methods for less than 1% re-investment of the “former” colonial nations’ GNI, who have promised to do so at several UN summits for heads of state since 1969. To date, all promises, public and private, have been reneged in favor of policies that continue extracting profit and resources from those nations to .01% oligarchies of the “developed” nations. This, as always, exists only because corporate media lies in omission and commission of the most important facts.

Again and importantly, anyone educated can easily explain, document, and prove that “official narratives” are not even close to accurate, are not somehow “innocent” in omissions, and can only be viewed as propaganda in perhaps 100 areas of game-changing importance.

For more Graham Hancock explaining the archeological evidence for advanced ancient civilizations, I recommend this 3-hour interview by Joe Rogan with renegade scholar, Randall Carlson:

… and this 2-hour 2016 interview with David Wilcock:

… and this 2009 97-minute David Wilcock interview:


Note: I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History, with all economics factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences (and here). I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.


Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History; also credentialed in Mathematics. He worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at Carl_Herman@post.harvard.edu

Note: Examiner.com has blocked public access to my articles on their site (and from other whistleblowers), so some links in my previous work are blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to http://archive.org/web/, paste the expired link into the box, click “Browse history,” then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive. I’ll update as “hobby time” allows; including my earliest work from 2009 to 2011 (blocked author pages: here, here).

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