Black Movements in US must Work with Int’l Allies to Fight Oppression at Home: Prof. Horne

In the below interview, attorney and history professor Gerald Horne stresses that it is important for black (and other) anti-oppression movements in the US to make use of international allies to put pressure on an angry white majority culture that was founded in a pro-slavery counter-revolution and based ‘holistically on white supremacy’, as historian Douglas Blackmon has put it.

Black NFL star Colin Kaepernic has begun risking his career by sitting during the US nationalist anthem, the full version of which contains death threats against black slaves who would consider trying to free themselves from US clutches, as well as evidence of US intent to continue committing genocide against the Native nations of the continent.  (The anthem’s 35-year-old writer was an enslaver of black people, a pro-slavery activist, and a member of the “American Colonization Society”.)

The timing of Kaepernic’s action has been revealing: it has been popping the forehead veins of many irate, ultra-nationalist, US-supremacist white “liberals” at a time when their main argument against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been that he is racist.

Also see Amnesty International’s report, “Slavery Still Reigns in US Prisons”, which discusses how slavery is still legal under US law, and that under this law, black men are still being worked as slaves on cotton fields.

The US slavery industry generates billions of dollars a year for the ruling state and private corporations.

Robert J. Barsocchini is an internationally published independent writer who focuses on global force dynamics and serves as a cross-cultural intermediary for the film and Television industry. His work has been cited, published, or followed by numerous professors, economists, lawyers, military and intelligence veterans, and journalists. Updates on Twitter.

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