Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary?

Few would dispute that Hillary Clinton is the Establishment’s candidate. It’s widely accepted that the Establishment hews to a neoconservative (neo-con) foreign policy that is fully supported by America’s Deep State, i.e. the centers of state power that don’t change as a result of elections.

As a result, it’s widely accepted that the Deep State fully supports Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency and will move heaven and earth to get her elected. While this is a logical premise, I suspect it’s overly simplistic. I suspect major power centers in the Deep State are actively sabotaging Hillary because they’ve concluded she is a poisoned chalice who would severely damage the interests of the Deep State and the U.S.A.

Poisoned chalice: something that seems very good when it is first received, but in fact does great harm to the person/ institution/ nation that receives it.

I realize this may strike many as ludicrous, but bear with me as we work through the notion that the Deep State would prefer Trump to Hillary.

The consensus view seems to be that the Establishment and the Deep State see Trump as a loose cannon who might upset the neo-con apple cart by refusing to toe the Establishment’s Imperial line.

This view overlooks the possibility that significant segments of the Deep State view the neo-con strategy as an irredeemable failure and would welcome a president who would overthrow the remnants of the failed strategy within the Establishment and Deep State.

To these elements of the Deep State, Hillary is a threat precisely because she embraces the failed strategy and those who cling to it. From this point of view, Hillary as president would be an unmitigated disaster for the elements of the Deep State that have concluded the U.S. must move beyond the neo-con strategic failures to secure the nation’s core interests.

There are other reasons why elements of the Deep State view Hillary as a poisoned chalice.

1. Hillary is an empty vessel. Nobody seriously claims she has any core beliefs that she would make personal sacrifices to support. While at first glance this may seem to be a plus, the Deep State is not devoid of values. Rather, the typical member of the Deep State has strong values and distrusts/ loathes people like Hillary who value nothing other than personal aggrandizement.

Hillary’s sole supreme commitment is the further aggrandizement of wealth and power to her family. This makes her intrinsically untrustworthy to the Deep State, which has bigger fish to fry than the Clinton Project of aggrandizing wealth and personal power.

2. Hillary has exhibited the typical flaw of liberal Democrats: fearful of being accused as being soft on Russia, Syria, Iran, terrorism, etc. or losing whatever war is currently being prosecuted, liberal Democrats over-compensate by pursuing overly aggressive and poorly planned policies.

The forward-thinking elements of the Deep State are not averse to aggressive pursuit of what they perceive as American interests, but they are averse to quagmires and policies that preclude successful maintenance of the Imperial Project.

3. The Deep State requires relatively little of elected officials, even the President. A rubber stamp of existing policies is the primary requirement (see the Obama presidency for an example).

But the Deep State prefers a leader that can successfully sell the Deep State’s agenda to the American public. (President Obama has done a very credible job of supporting the Imperial Project agenda. I think it’s clear the Deep State supported President Obama’s re-election.) A politician who’s primary characteristic is untrustworthiness is poorly equipped to sell anything, especially something as complex and increasingly unpopular as the Imperial Project.

4. Hillary suffers from the delusion that she understands power politics and the Imperial Project. The most dangerous President to the Deep State is one who believes he/she is qualified to set the Imperial agenda and change the course of the Deep State as their personal entitlement.

For these reasons, elements of the Deep State might sabotage Hillary’s campaign as the greater threat to American interests. Trump is as unpopular as Hillary, but his sense of self-aggrandizement and narcissism is of a different order than Hillary’s. Elements of the Deep State may view Trump as more malleable (or more charitably, as more open to much-needed changes in U.S. policies) and a better salesperson than Hillary.

Although it’s difficult to identify specific evidence for this, the Deep State is not as monolithic as the alternative media assumes. An increasingly powerful sector of the Deep State views the neo-con agenda as a disaster for American interests, and is far more focused on the Long Game of energy, food security, economic and military innovation and a productive response to climate change.

Trump is less wedded to the neo-con agenda than Hillary, less concerned with looking weak and more willing to cut new deals to clear the path for U.S. soft power (diplomacy, cultural influence, energy, food security, economic innovation and successful responses to climate change) rather than the neo-con obsession with hard power and the old-style Great Game of geopolitics.

So how could the forward-looking elements of the Deep State sabotage Hillary? I can think of several ways:

1. Engineer a protracted stock market decline that hits American voters in their pocketbooks before the election by gutting the “wealth effect.” A plunging stock market would make a mockery of the claim that the economy is “recovering.”

2. Continue to leak dirty laundry on Hillary, her health, the Clinton foundation scams, etc.

3. Put the word out to the corporatocracy, top-level media, etc., that the Deep State would prefer a Trump presidency, despite the widely held assumption that Clinton is the shoo-in Establishment candidate, and that those who cling to Hillary will pay a price later on as the neo-cons are cashiered or sent to Siberia for their failures.

Maybe Hillary is the Deep State’s shoo-in for president. But I suspect doubts in the Deep State have advanced to active sabotage for the reasons noted above.

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38 Responses to Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary?

  1. hyperbola says:

    Binney saying the deep state is responsible for the release of Killary´s Libya emails would fit this thesis.

    Lessons From the Deep State

    On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, WikiLeaks – the courageous international organization dedicated to governmental transparency – exposed hundreds of internal emails circulated among senior staff of the Democratic National Committee during the past 18 months.

    …. But the Russians had nothing to do with it.

    Last week, William Binney, a 30-year career official at the National Security Agency turned whistleblower, revealed the unthinkable. Binney, who devised the software that the NSA has used to capture the contents of emails and cellphone conversations of all in America but resigned from the NSA because of the unlawful and unconstitutional manner in which the software was used, told a Philadelphia radio audience that the DNC hacking was done by NSA agents.

    • alan2102 says:

      Thanks for the interesting link. I read it. It seems that elements within the intelligence community dislike Hillary. OK, I’ll buy that. But it says nothing about Smith’s core contention having to do with the deep state rejecting neoconservatism, and being interested in sane energy and climate policy, etc. I cannot but believe that the deep state is neocon through and through, and not even slightly concerned about the things that Smith suggests they are.

      • Brockland A.T. says:

        Sane or no, the Deep State is very interested in climate change and is far too large to be a monolith bereft of more-or-less patriots and common-sense people who don’t see America as an expendable tool for Israel and ‘salvation’ as the neocons and some of their more frenetic followers do.

        There could be a quibble over how far to weaponize weather. The neocons would totally weaponize it, even at America’s expense. Gwynne Dyer even foresaw something like Trump’s wall in his scenario projecting. Traditional geopolitics with climate change added to the mix is exciting to contemplate.

        If the Deep State were totally neoconned, Trump would be pushing daisies, not talking about the need to weild political power to protect the Second Amendment. Its very possible that honest polls would show consistent Trump leads. The sense of panic would be hilary-ous if the stakes not so serious.

        • Zap says:

          If Trump is elected… walls will be built, immigration will continue especially Muslim immigration…I would even go as far as to say Trump numbers for Muslim immigrants will exceed Obama’s 1 million figure even if he only serves one term…..taxes will be regressive and target the middle class….Trump will sign TPP if it comes across his desk…Nafta wont be changed……bankers will be bailed and given get out of jail free cards etc etc etc…..and the reason will be that the only way Trump will be elected is if he plays ball with the CFR and he has already shown his intention to do just that by meeting with Kissinger and announcing he would appoint people like Richard Haas to his cabinet…..this is just another CFR vs CFR election same as every one in my lifetime starting with Nixon’
          If Trump doesn’t play ball with the CFR or they think he wont, they will run another Republican against him as a third party candidate and hand the election to Hilary who is Rcokefeller CFR to the core. This is the same strategy that exactly these very same people used to ensure Woodrow Wilson was elected using Teddy Roosevelt to split the vote in that case.

          • Brockland A.T. says:

            Or maybe The Donald will just say no to the TPP and everything else the neocons want. They wouldn’t be trying so hard to derail Trump if he didn’t present some uncertainty.

            Trump 2016.

  2. alan2102 says:

    Smith: “An increasingly powerful sector of the Deep State views the neo-con agenda as a disaster for American interests, and is far more focused on the Long Game of energy, food security, economic and military innovation and a productive response to climate change.”

    Where is the evidence for this? Where is this “increasingly powerful sector”? Who are they? How would we know that it/they exists?

    This is a highly unrealistic optimistic view — even Pollyanna-like. It would be wonderful if there were such an “increasingly powerful sector” devoted to more-sane policy. But there appears to be not a shred of evidence for it. The neocons have as much of a strangle-hold as ever; the evidence for this is overwhelming. Where is the “productive response” (or even any credible response) to climate change? Where is the concern for food security, which would entail, for example, a reduced role and power for agribiz and agrochemical corporations like Monsanto? Where is the concern for the “Long Game of energy”, which would entail drastic reductions of the insane military establishment (biggest fuel-guzzler and CO2-emitter on the planet!), among other things? There is no shred of evidence for any of this, and Smith offers none.

    Funny, but I started reading before I saw the author. Then, noticing that Smith had written it, my first thought was: “OK, yet another low-credibility, off-the-beam Smith item”. He is intelligent and sensible to a certain very limited extent, but he gets most of the big picture wrong as hell.

    Editor: Why do you run these Smith items? I mean, the bad ones, like this one. He does write a good column now and then; why not run those?

    • Mark Bottorff says:

      I couldn’t agree more. There is no evidence for anything he states. Quite the contrary. The “High Cabal” that owns and operates the “Deep State” has everything well in hand.

      • jsigur says:

        I, too was wondering how he was privy to the morality of those in the deep state. Deep state is the Jew World Order. Apparently Mr. Smith can’t refer to Jewish power and keep his job

    • Frank Energy says:

      Exactly….conducting a war on solar, while promoting nuclear radiation…..real smart game plan, only if you are a sociopathic greedy puppet.

  3. Lincoln says:

    No way, why would they when both are very close friends. Smoke and mirrors as well as bread and circuses!

    Jul 7, 2016 The Close Relationship Between Donald Trump and the Clintons

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton act as if they are arch enemies. But is it all just politics?

  4. Zap says:

    I don’t see why they would care one way or the other since every election is one Rockefeller CFR stooge vs another Rockefeller CFR stooge and the easiest way to rig an election is to own both candidates. Election shenanigans are at the party level and that is merely a battle to determine which wing of the Rockefeller CFR gets to feed at the trough. Trump has already pow wowed with Kissinger and talked up several CFR members for his cabinet so he is liable to be as much a CFR team player as Hillary already is.

    Soros Kissinger in 2016!

  5. pogohere says:

    The author needs to define much more clearly what he refers to as the “Deep State.” As stated, I believe his premise is incoherent.

    • Brockland A.T. says:

      Its a complex topic, but CHS is cogent. Trotsky would be pleased. America is finally about to fall literally upon its own sword. Maybe. Trump 2016.

      “The deep state, state within a state, shadow government, or permanent government is a network of individuals and groups which are in actual charge of a national government. Many “democratically elected” governments work as fronts, providing a level of plausible deniability and allowing the deep state to operate in secret. On matters of deep political importance, the public machinery of government is routinely subverted by agents of the deep state.”

      Deep State power is a little exaggerated, but its there. Nor is there a complete separation; shadow and elected levels have an integrated, symbiotic arrangement. The elected government not only provides a front; democracy gives the Deep State its true domestic eyes and ears. Turkey is the most obvious public example.

      The sprawling U.S. DS was quietly sanctioned into the postmodern era perhaps under the umbrella of Continuity of Government (COG); a perfectly reasonable precautionary shadow government. It exists to take over if the official open government becomes compromised by natural or man-made disaster. However sort-of secret to many Americans, the Deep State (DS) is no secret to many of America’s closest frenemies – including Israel.

      Most developed nations have advanced Deep States because of the Cold War. If things went wrong, MIC types weren’t willing to die along with the peons and elected government. A powerful Deep State, however, naturally becomes the go-to for lobbyists in the know. However, why ask for favours when you can take them?

      The strength of a Deep State is stability. Turkey avoided natural Islamification for decades since its founding as a nation-state. Through the military, a secular order was always enforced. The achilles heel is that appointments to the Deep State are necessarily via the elected government. In a strong, somewhat healthy constitutional democracy, a Deep State thrives alongside the elected government. Witness Russia, with FSB (cough, former) lt. colonel Putin pulling a broken nation back from the brink in less than 20 years.

      In the U.S., a kind of secular imperial order was always enforced. The achilles heel, was the regular thwarting of a Constitution policed by democracy with subterfuge and dirty tricks. America’s traditional Deep Statist’s thought they had control to waste, abusing power freely. However, the danger of a Deep State, as exemplified by Turkey, is that so much power concentrated in so few hands becomes a prize unto itself.

      As more information comes out about the Turkish coup, its becoming apparent that the CIA and Gulen first quietly purged the traditional secularist Deep State, with Erdogan’s not-fully-witting help. That set the stage to remove Erdogan himself should the need arise. Which it soon did.

      However, Erdogan had a lock on democracy, and his own parallel structure via the AKP party to counter the compromised Turkish Deep State. His enemies thought subverting the Deep State was enough. Come coup time, with Russian help, Erdogan beat the coup and is purging all pro-Western elements, solidly backed by the power of democracy (or is it mob rule?) where the constitution had failed.

      Unlike Turkey, America’s Deep State has no lock on democracy, and no real feel or respect for it. The People return the disrespect, but populism is blind, dumbed down and unfocused, easily misled. It could be a mob-in-waiting, ready to cheer arrests with no capacity for justice let alone national best interests.

      Its a myth that eagles kill their siblings; a human myth borne of human experience. There was never going to be enough room in the nest for both American DS patriots and Anglo-Zionist neocons.

      The Americans got lucky with Trump; the original Republican slate headlined by of all people – Jeb Bush, ugh – was designed to lose to Hilary, very badly. The Republican party would likely have broken over the loss. America would enter an era of third party politics to split the majority right natural vote as it declined – with the added problem of a suborned Deep State. The Democrats would become America’s natural ruling party.

      The experimental model perhaps is Canada, where the majority left natural vote was regularly split by Harper’s Conservatives, till Canadians stopped trying to make the pastiche NDP work. Voting strategically ensconced Trudeau the Younger’s pastiche Liberal Party. Canada, btw, has done little without the blessing of America’s Deep State, since PM Mulroney.

      The neocons are about to make an end run for total control of America’s Deep State via Hilary. Its the last key to total power over the U.S.. The Neocons and the the extremes of their criminal policies will no longer be opposed at the executive level, shadow or elected, a coup true to their Trotskyist roots.

      Rather belatedly, the pro-American faction of the Deep State may be realizing it has a problem. Via Hilary and the religious Anglo-Zionists, the Neocons have a strong lock on America’s debased democracy. America is in some ways, an incarnation of the Turkish situation with its… more or less… legitimate indigenous Deep State facing usurpation.

      Trump and Trumpism are all that stand in the way of total neocon power and the neocon grasshopper slaying the ant for all its built.

    • cstahnke says:

      The Deep State is an network of power players with deep roots of associations going back more than a century. Really this State I’d just what has always existed in all political arrangements but can’t easily exist in plain sight in the USA because of the ideology of American Exceptionalism. Societies have always been ruled either by a sovereign of a group of notables and that is what we have here. They must remain hidden not because they are evil but out of consideration for our illusions. They see themselves as protectors of the country and the factions of power within the Deep State. That is why the Kennedys and MLK were killed. If you closely examine those events you will see the lineaments and reach of the State.

    • Zap says:

      I cant speak for CHS but the deep state is the CFR and Tri Lateral Commission in my opinion….the deep state starts with the central bankers and investment bankers…..they started buying politicians pre 1900 and they own the entire government at this point

    • Frank Energy says:

      The premise is quite clear.
      But it is also quite clear that the premise is completely wrong and not supported by anything

  6. The notion of a Deep State is like Planet X. We infer it from measurable data but we can’t see it. I don’t think there’s a monolithic deep state and I suspect what we’re seeing with the attacks on both candidates reflects a split in the various power groups or political clans. If there is a “sane faction of management” (my term for the Deep State), it’s certainly opposed to both candidates. There’s nothing to profit from if there’s nothing left and that’s what we’re looking at with Clinton’s warmongering and Trump’s irrationality.

    I suspect this was posted before Trump’s 2nd Amendment comment about Clinton. That alone is enough to end it for Trump. Clinton will continue to be her pathetic self and, regardless of what Trump says, remains an extreme danger to everyone in the country.

    So what happens when Clinton is permanently devastated by some undeniable corruption or malfeasance? We’ll have two candidates in a dead calm.

    What will the various power factions do? How is a presidential candidate removed and replaced after the conventions?

    How do the parties replace those candidates and how does ballot access work in each of the 50 states under extraordinary circumstances?

    May we live in interesting times.

    • Zap says:

      The deep state is the CFR and Tri Lateral Commission and it is very easy to see and always has been easy to see, just trace any politician at the presidential, cabinet and agency level to their connections to these groups and the Rockefeller’s and you will see the deep state and just how deep and far back it goes. Trace the figures at the State Department, DOJ, intel agencies, president, cabinet, media, academic’s, and all trails always lead to the CFR, TC and the Rockefeller’s. Put it this way, in my opinion David Rockefeller is the most important person in US politics for the last 60 years because so many people at the highest level in government’s career paths begin with connections to him……. Nixon, Ford, Carter, the Bush’, the Clinton’s, Kissinger, Brzezinski……the only reason the deep state seems obscure is because these groups have never been criticized be academia or media for the obvious reason and any criticism of these groups has always been quickly written off as “conspiracy theory” and “ultra right wing” conspiracy theory at that.
      The CFR is demonstrably the most powerful and influential organization in US politics and has been going all the way back to the 1920’s yet it wasn’t until the 1960’s that any criticism of this private group was even published and that was written off as the rantings of Lyndon Larouche or the John Birch Society and immediately dismissed by the mainstream media and academia…….the same exact way any criticism of these groups still is immediately written off by media and academia, only now Alex Jones, David Icke and people like them are used as the “lunatic fringe” straw men.

      Research the reviews of Quigley’s book from when it was published for instance……reviewers claimed Quigley was being taken out of context by “right wingers” yet the reviews never mention exactly what these “right wingers” were allegedly taking out of context or even what they deemed controversial in the book……then read the below synopsis of the pertinent sections about finance, banking and government and ask yourself what COULD be taken out of context as the sections are pages long and it is crystal clear what Quigley was referring to……if you wish to understand who the deep state is and it’s roll in government read Quigley and Antony Sutton

    • Frank Energy says:

      Thats silly, The Bilderberg, Rockefellers, Rothschild groups are pulling the strings on the important happenings in the world.

      Why indeed are Kissinger and Soros even relevant in their 80’s. because they are in “the club” and its a very small club.

    • jsigur says:

      Have the Brits got out of Ireland yet?

  7. Brockland A.T. says:

    Evidence may not be easy to come by, but easy enough to read between the lines.

    Whether its Bush Sr. refusing to go all the way to Baghdad (and Tehran), Bush Jr. refusing to attack Tehran, or Obama refusing to attack Syria (and Tehran), the neocons are clearly done with taking no for an answer to their wildest schemes, and Hilary will be their yes-woman in the White House.

    Any geopolitical analyst who wasn’t neoconned would be concerned, even outside the Deep State.

  8. cstahnke says:

    As Mr. Spock would have said, “illogical.” However, in Smith’s defense, the Deep State seems to be in disarray. I have never seen US policy to be in such a state of confusion. Domestically very little can get done other than maintaining the status quo. Internationally I think most people would agree that the zig and zags of policy indicate there are too many cooks in the kitchen. Politically it should be obvious that the mainstream media has not been able to keep the population completely in thrall since Sanders, without some obvious election fraud, may well have gotten the nomination.

    Still all political power goes through the Deep State fragmented as it is the Trump alternative is out of the question. First Trump seems to be suffering from mental impairment, and second he is associated with Roger Stone who wrote a book on the Kennedy assassination that debunks the Deep State narrative, without which, their power would be in severe danger. Clinton has managed to secure for herself a relatively solid circle because the and Bill know how to make deals and she could well be the first President in a long time that will have some personal power within the deep state.

  9. Lincoln says:

    This dovetails nicely. Aug 10, 2016 Social Media Censorship Is Out of Control! Here’s one solution.

    We all know by now that the tech giants of Silicon Valley are in bed with the government and they’re not afraid to censor posts they disagree with from their social media platforms. So what if there was a decentralised, open source, blockchain-based social media alternative? On today’s thought for the day we talk about the censorship problem and the Steemit solution.

  10. Frank Energy says:

    I disagree, just one rebuttal for now

    Rather, the typical member of
    the Deep State has strong values and distrusts/ loathes people like Hillary who
    value nothing other than personal aggrandizement.

    A statement like this, without any type of backup, or
    even listing some members of the Deep State, is not credible in light of the
    fact that the Deep State has such “values” that they would flood Europe with
    Muslims to destabilize individuals countries unity and national pride in order
    to keep them locked into the NWO European Union.

    The only Deep Values that I see are a lust for power that
    occasionally overlaps into full sociopathic motives and means.

    Stock out.

  11. Frank Energy says:

    HIllary gets direction directly from Kissinger and Soros. She is a tool of Deep state and they know she will do anything for them.

    Clinton Email Prove She Made a Shady Deal With Japan on Kissinger’s Advice, Buying Fukushima Radiation Infested Food W/O Testing

    Hillary Clinton Threw American’s Under The Bus, Doubtless Costing Many Lives and Painful Diseases

    Her emails, and lack of emails proves this clearly.

    Here is the breakdown:

    Clinton was Secretary of State at the Time
    She was clearly briefed on the dangers of Fukushima
    She was getting several emails a day on Fukushima updates
    People in government were pushing her hard to make a trip to Japan even though she was very tired and overworked
    These same people were imploring her to “Go talk to Kissinger” about strategies for the Japan/Fukushima deal
    Hillary went and got a strategy from Kissinger, and decided to make the trip to Japan to meet one on one with top officials.
    Now, with a big trip to a world super power and close allie, after the
    worst industrial accident in history, you know that there would be a lot
    of emails to coordinate the trip.

    But after that meeting with Kissinger there was not a single Japan
    or Fukushima related email in what she turned over. Not one. They
    were all disappeared. Under penalty of contempt of court, a jailable offense, or worse, she had all those emails purged.

  12. jsigur says:

    Are there any Jews in the deep state?

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