Live Report from Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

By Robert Barsocchini.

20161102_12565320161102_10064220161102_112400A group of Christians came to the camp this morning to ally with the native water protectors. They said there were 524 of them, representing the 524 years since the Doctrine of Discovery. They then offered a copy of the doctrine to the native elders to burn, and marched to the barricades, which is unfolding now.

The peaceful activists, who are singing songs like ‘Wade in the Water’ and praying, currently far outnumber the present and visibly deployed pipeline militants.

Robert Barsocchini is an internationally published author who focuses on force dynamics, national and global, and also writes professionally for the film industry. Updates on Twitter. Author’s pamphlet ‘The Agility of Tyranny: Historical Roots of Black Lives Matter’.

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