First Brexit, Now Italexit … Next Stop Frexit?

The instant Brexit won, we predicted that there would soon be an Italexit, Frexit and Swexit.

With today’s Italian vote, it has become more likely that Italy will vote to leave the EU.

We’re not so sure about Sweden.

But the Wall Street Journal notes:

But 58% [of Italians] still see the bloc favorably, compared with 50% in Germany, 44% in the U.K. and 27% in France.

The fact that only 27% of French people see the EU favorably is stunning, given that France is one of the core founding EU nations.

It’s also interesting that only half of the Germans – the people who have arguably gained the most economically from the EU – view it favorably.

No wonder the President of the EU has begged member nations not to hold referendums.


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