How to Make a Cheap Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Some of the best discoveries are accidental …

For example, penicillin was discovered when a lab technician left a petri dish out, and penicillin mold drifted through the window and accidentally landed in it … killing the germs in the petri dish.

Likewise, I recently made an accidental – although admittedly very minor – discovery.

Here’s the backstory …

I love shaving in the shower.  The steam loosens my facial hair for shaving, and it’s a relaxing and comfortable environment.

But the “fog-free” shaving mirrors my wife keeps buying me only last a couple of weeks before they start fogging up.  In other words, the special “fog-free” coating on the mirror quickly wears off, and the things become worthless.

My accidental discovery occurred when:

(1) My fog free shower fell off the wall; and

(2) I accidentally placed my bar of soap on the mirror.

I discovered that the thin film from the bar of soap made the mirror fog-free again.  In other words, a thin film of soap makes a mirror fog-free.

So all you have to do to make your own cheap shower mirror is lightly rub any small mirror with a wet bar of soap before you shave. If the film is too thick, just splash a little water on it.

Voila! Fog free shower mirror!

You just saved some money.

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