New York Times: American Report on Russian Hacking Has An “Absence of Any Concrete Evidence … But Rests Instead On What It Describes As Moscow’s Long Record of Trying to Influence America’s Political System”

The New York Times reports today:

[T]he absence of any concrete evidence in the report of meddling by the Kremlin was met with a storm of mockery on Saturday by  Russian politicians and commentators, who took to social media to ridicule the report as a potpourri of baseless conjecture.


The report provides no new evidence to support assertions that Moscow meddled covertly through hacking and other actions to boost the electoral chances of Donald J. Trump and undermine his rival, Hillary Clinton, but rests instead on what it describes as Moscow’s long record of trying to influence America’s political system.

That’s all they’ve got?  Since the Soviet Union – which doesn’t even exist any more – was evil, Putin must be as well?

Weakvery weak.

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