Trump Pushing for More Weapons Shipments to Saudi Dictator

Donald Trump is pushing for billions more in heavy weapons shipments to Saudi dictator Salman Abdulaziz. According to leaked US docs, the Saudi dictatorship, a totalitarian theocratic monarchy which exports the extremist Sunni Wahabbi ideology of Al Qaeda and ISIS and is the most repressive state in the world for women, is a state sponsor of both militant groups.

To shield the dictator from scrutiny, the US censored documents (and continues to censor large portions) for over a decade indicating possible Saudi state involvement in sponsoring the 9/11/01 attacks.

The Obama admin pushed for $115 billion in heavy weapons shipments to the strongman and his predecessor, including almost a billion worth of internationally banned cluster bombs, constituting the biggest weapons sales in history.  Trump is continuing the Obama policy of assisting a Saudi-lead axis of Sunni dictators in a war of aggression against impoverished Yemen, the poorest country in the region.  Saudi axis tactics have included targeting of civilians, possible chemical weapons attacks, and a mass starvation policy, which for many months now has made Yemen home to a worse humanitarian crisis than the one in Syria.

While under international law the reasons for a war of aggression are considered irrelevant and to be dismissed, the Saudi axis argues, in disagreement with non-belligerent analysts (as well as some within US intelligence), that in attempting to spread its ideology into Yemen (thus vastly strengthening Al Qaeda in Yemen) it is actually fighting an Iranian proxy and thus trying to stop the spread of the influence of Iran, an authoritarian Shia state which, unlike Saudi Arabia and the Sunni monarchies, uses nominally democratic processes in its governance and was not involved in the 9/11/01 attacks on the US.

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