Media Lies About Fake News

Eric Zuesse

A major new Gallup report that was issued on January 16th headlined “American Views: Trust, Media and Democracy” (it’s issued in conjunction with the Knight Foundation) and it finds that “Internet-only news websites” are the least-trusted of all newsmedia.

54% trusted “Your local newspaper.”

52% trusted “National network news.”

51% trusted “Major national newspapers.”

46% trusted “Cable news.”

38% trusted “News aggregators.”

36% trusted “Internet-only news websites.”

How did you learn that Saddam Hussein was “only six months from developing a [nuclear] weapon”? It was from the U.S. President, and from all of the stenographic ‘news’media, which was all of them, but especially the most-trusted ones: newspapers, TV, radio, and magazines. They enabled George W. Bush to invade and destroy Iraq, and more.

How did you learn that Libya should be invaded? It was from the same ones. They enabled Barack Obama to invade and destroy Libya, and Syria, and more.

How did you learn that dictatorship ended in Ukraine in February 2014’s “Maidan revolution,” instead of that that democracy ended in Ukraine then, and that it was instead a U.S.-engineered coup d’etat which happened there, no authentic ‘revolution’ at all. And this major-media lie thus ‘justified’ and led to the destruction of Ukraine, by U.S. President Obama.

The fake ‘news’ that affected history the most came from newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. But the truth (such as you’ll see documented at those last links, the first of which is to a news-report which was produced by a lone individual from observers on the ground who had uploaded from their cellphones etc.) was available only at “internet-only news websites” — the type of sites that Americans respect the least.

Why do the public trust most the worst liars, the pumpers of the most viciously fake ‘news’? They do it because they’ve been taught to believe the most-successful newsmedia the most.

They’ve been taught that in order to be successful in newsmedia, the newsmedium needs to be reliably truthful, instead of to pump what the billionaires want you to think — to manipulate your mind and warp your view of reality the way they want.

All of those lies came from the owners and advertisers of the U.S. newsmedia and of the U.S. Government (which are the same owners and advertisers), the people who control the ‘best’ (i.e., worst) Government that big-money can buy — and does buy.

The only newsmedia that enable the reader to click onto a link and come directly (or at least indirectly) to allegations’ sources, are online news-sites that have the journalistic integrity to demand their writers to provide the links for all contentious allegations that are being made, so as to enable the reader to verify (or else invalidate — but the reader is doing this; no one is imposing such judgments upon the reader) what the allegation’s source is, and thus to evaluate it on his or her own. TV doesn’t do that. Radio doesn’t do that. Newspapers (even online ones) don’t do that. Magazines (even most of the online ones) don’t do that.

Why don’t they do that? TV, radio, and print media can’t. The bad online media don’t do it, because their owners don’t want to empower their audience; they want to persuade their audience to believe what the owners and the advertisers want them to believe.

That’s the way to success in the news-business: to shape the ‘news’ in order to fool the public in the ways that the owners and advertisers want the public to be fooled. It’s salesmanship; it is PR; and, in America — where it’s often taught in some of the same academic departments, “Communications,” which teach both PR and ‘journalism’ — it is the management of the public’s perceptions, in the ways that the owners and advertisers want.

And the only way to get around it is to click onto links and find out what the real story is. Any merely passive access to ‘news’ is simply an invitation to being fooled, being manipulated by wealthy people’s ulterior motives, which are very private.

This is how America has come to be the way it now is — increasingly private, decreasingly public.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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11 Responses to Media Lies About Fake News

  1. and from whom do we learn still about false narrative 9/11? what you choose to omit is still more instructive than what you choose to include, eric zuess..

    is thermite in all world trade center dust, eric zuesse? we have yet to hear it from you, in any of your blogged articles. you hang some good shit out there sometimes, but you refuse to take the one essential, logical step, in absence of which we cannot trust a single word you write.

    • Sparticus says:

      He wont because Government GIMPS try and lure people into that trap so they can be discredited. CIA GIMPS think they are smart but they are dumber than apes. Hopefully, the earth opens up its mouth and swallows them alive. Now, it is most likely that government did 9/11 because government was the only beneficiary of 9/11. If there were Real Terrorists they would have struck again. You do not hit a home run and quit. This is so obvious that it is laughable. Truthfully, they were total idiots ( government) to do 911, because if people ever figure it out ( with all those sam portables) DOW JONES goes to ZERO and they lose control of their empire.

    • Eric Zuesse says:

      This article isn’t about 9/11. My articles that are about that topic blame the Sauds and Bush and Cheney and many other U.S. insiders, and recognize that thermite was part of their operation.

  2. iseeit says:

    The only thing the elitists/oligarchs/sociopaths can be trusted on is that Putin and his russia are horrifying enemies who must be annihilated, and that Climate Change is real……
    The rest is bullshit!

  3. Taras77 says:

    Rather concerning that Americans trust national news from the following:
    54% trusted “Your local newspaper.”
    52% trusted “National network news.”
    51% trusted “Major national newspapers.”

    But on reflection, it prob is obvious as that is an indicator as to why we are in mess we are in. Americans in general are a nation of sheep, kardashians, oprah, latest sex scandels,Russia bad, blah, blah.

    Personally, I would not trust bezos blog or NYT for the weather report. There are far more reliable sources out there which make an effort to be balanced and objective; I fully reognize that objectivity is a goal to be sought but it is never 100% achieved.

  4. ICFubar says:

    If the poll results are accurate it can then be postulated that a larger percentage of Americans: don’t care or wish to understand about current event news, don’t want to know or are just completely disinterested. Ignorance and freedom of course will not abide together.

  5. Marko says:

    The good news is that the numbers are going in the right direction over time.

    Our job is to speed up the process , by helping to clue-in the clueless.

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