#WarHurtsEarth — April 22, 2018, Earth Day Actions for Peace and Planet

World Beyond War joins with Just World Educational in promoting Earth Day events for on or about April 22, 2018, that will challenge the greatest destroyer of the earth: the war industry.

World Beyond War’s Coordinating Committee member Gar Smith has edited the anthology, The War and Environment Reader, which makes an excellent guide to this issue.

Here are some preliminary ideas from Just World Educational:

  • Work with you or others you might suggest to organize one or more dedicated “War Hurts Earth” events in your community.
  • Plan good outreach to local media so that the fact and content of these events get well covered—and also, contribute Opinion pieces or Letters to the Editor around these issues to local or national media.
  • Create and make freely available a basic fact-sheet providing data on issues like the contribution the Pentagon makes to carbon emissions, the number of acres deforested during the US-Vietnam War, etc.
  • Create and make freely available a series of graphic images (such as the above one), that people can use in their publicity.
  • Work with Just World Books to make discounted copies of The War and Environment Reader or other print resources available for sale at your events.
  • Help out with networking in communities nationwide, to maximize engagement with your local initiatives.

Hashtag: #WarHurtsEarth.

Here are some resources from World Beyond War:

Work with or form a World Beyond War chapter.

Use our events resources.

Check out the speakers in our speakers bureau. You may want to invite one or more of them to speak — in person or via live or recorded video. We can make something work!

No War 2017 Videos. Here’s a 2-hour highlights video, good for an event all by itself.

See also: Scarred Lands Film Clips and Scarred Lands Companion Shorts.

Here are flyers, powerpoints, articles, and books on war and the environment.

Here is World Beyond War’s summary of why we must end war to save the planet for life.

Dress appropriately:



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One Response to #WarHurtsEarth — April 22, 2018, Earth Day Actions for Peace and Planet

  1. ICFubar says:

    While I applaud the efforts of those in the anti-war movement we should all admit we are all tied in very deeply with the waging of war. If you live within a member nation of NATO the taxes you pay, income and sales, are going towards the waging of war as a part of the business plan of those running NATO nations. As the common citizen of conscience has no say and is not likely to ever have a say on the policies important to those running NATO nations we must either go along with these war making policies, move to a non NATO nation or withdraw from this system. If citizens of military service age simply decide not to enter the military I wonder what the response of the ‘authorities’ would be? My guess is a return to a draft system of some sort with increasing draconian punishments if resistance continued to be a problem.

    “The state exists to enforce the dominance of elites, everything else being propaganda, misdirection and obfuscation.”

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