Will Congress Face Down the Deep State?

By Ray McGovern, a 27-year CIA veteran, who chaired National Intelligence Estimates and personally delivered intelligence briefings to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, their Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other senior government officials. McGovern is co-founder of  Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence and Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. Originally published at Consortium News (republished with permission).

With the House Intelligence Committee vote yesterday to release its four-page memorandum reportedly based on documentary evidence of possible crimes by top Justice Department and FBI leaders, the die is cast. Russia-gate and FBI-gate are now joined at the hip.

The coming weeks will show whether the U.S. intelligence establishment (the FBI/CIA/NSA, AKA the “Deep State”) will be able to prevent its leaders from being held to account. Past precedent suggests that the cabal that conjured up Russia-gate will not have to pick up a “go-to-jail” card. This, despite the widespread guilt suggested by the abrupt way that several senior-echelon DOJ and FBI rats have already jumped ship. Not to mention the manner in which FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, was unceremoniously pushed overboard yesterday, after Director Christopher Wray was given a look at the extra-legal capers described in the House Intelligence Committee memorandum.

Granted, at first glance Deep State’s efforts to undercut candidate Donald Trump at first seem so risky and audacious as to be unbelievable. By now, though, Americans should be able to wrap their heads around, one, the dire threat that outsider Trump was seen to be posing to the Deep State and to the ease with which it held sway under President Barack Obama; and, two, expected immunity from prosecution if Deep State crimes were eventually discovered after the election, since “everybody knew” Hillary Clinton was going to win. Oops.

Accountability This Time?

There seems to be an outside chance, this time, that the culprits who did actually interfere in the 2016 presidential election in an effort to make sure Trump could not win, and then did all in their power to sabotage him after he his electoral victory, will be held to account by unusually feisty members of the House. It is abundantly clear that members of the House Intelligence and House Judiciary Committees are now in possession of the kind of unambiguous, first-hand documentary evidence needed to get a grand jury convened and, eventually, indictments obtained.

It is no exaggeration to suggest that the Republic and the Constitution are at stake. A friend put it the way:

“When GW Bush said of the Constitution, ‘It’s just a goddam piece of paper,’ I thought it was just another toss-off bit of hyperbole as he so often would utter. Not so. He, and many in his administration (and out) sincerely believe it and set out to make it so. They may actually have succeeded.”

The Media’s Role

I almost feel sorry for what is called “mainstream media” and – even more so – for the majority of Americans deceived by the prevailing narrative on Russia-gate.  Even though that narrative now lies in shreds, there is no sign so far that the pundits will fess up and admit to spreading a far-fetched, evidence-impoverished story that was full of holes from the get-go.

Even vestigially honest journalists of the old school, who may themselves have been taken in, will have a Herculean challenge if they attempt to write to right the ship of journalism.  As for brainwashed Americans, pity them.  It is far easier to deceive folks than to convince them they have been deceived, as Mark Twain once wrote.

From today’s online version of the New York Times, for example, the lede headline read, “Taunted by Trump and Pressured From Above, McCabe Steps Down as F.B.I. Deputy.”

The Times quotes Representative Adam B. Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, giving hypocrisy a bad name. Schiff said yesterday that it had been a “sad day” for the committee and that Republicans had voted “to politicize the intelligence process.”

And this just in: an op-ed from NYT pundit David Leonhardt, titled – you guessed it – “The Nunes Conspiracy.”

“Instead of evidence, the memo engages in the same dark and misleading conspiracy theories that have characterized other efforts by President Trump’s allies to discredit the Russia investigation,” Leonhardt wrote. “But the substance of the claims isn’t really the point. Distraction is the point, and the distraction campaign is having an impact.”

And so it goes.

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16 Responses to Will Congress Face Down the Deep State?

  1. ICFubar says:

    Congress, the Senate, the executive branch, the judiciary are all bi partisan adjuncts to the deep state but Congress may make a play to those that elect them if they can find a way to do so and not upset the apple cart. Look for an eventual memo release, after a defense has been built, that will be on a par with the release of the Kennedy files. One that leads nowhere and clarifies nothing..

  2. Sparticus says:

    I had a top secret clearance. Here is how it works, “anyone who knows anything” had to sign non-disclosure agreements that strip you of even basic representation. I was personally told by the FBI, if you break this agreement and reveal content, there is no court, you just go to Jail. No BS. They can legally do this by declaring said information national security risk, and guess what, that includes all of their crimes, naturally.

    So … Nobody talks. I would, but I would have to be paid lots of Money. I am not stupid. Nobody gets something for nothing, besides, like I told the FBI … Relax, nobody would even believe me if I told them. They looked at me, laughed, and agreed. Nobody will reveal anything worth revealing; because if they did they would be arrested and never see the light of day again.

    • Sharon Marlowe says:

      Hey, did you get to verify the existence of extraterrestrial beings? You could at least answer that without breaking your non-disclosure agreement, Sparticus, right?

      • Sparticus says:

        Go ask Government. You can be snippy but the Joke is on You.

        • Sharon Marlowe says:

          I’m serious. Has your top secret access helped in any way to verify the existence of extraterrestrials? The government has mixed messages about it.

          • Sparticus says:

            Clearances work by Department and Grade. Everything is Compartmentalized: Only those who need to know. I never worked in Space Related Departments; and therefore, I would have no knowledge of such. However, it would not shock me if there were extra-terrestrials and the government was keeping it hidden.

            I can tell you, the best Analogy for US governments Secrets … The Ending of Indian Jones.

          • Sharon Marlowe says:


    • cettel says:

      Thanks for that testimony. It’s what I’ve been expecting to be the situation in the ‘national security agencies’, but I’ve no personal experience of it.

      • Sparticus says:

        You`re welcome. I was in the Department of Treasury, so I do not have stories about Aliens. However, people need to really think because it is far worse than they know. Lots of people are on the right track. However, giving out proof would be 7-years or more?

        They have full-time FBI agents “who do nothing but spy on people with high level clearances” even decades after they conclude contract; because Top Secret Clearance is for Life. I caught agents following me once or twice. They monitor all communications and this was back in 2000. They will grab “anyone” with any sign that they are going to reveal anything damaging. Those non-disclosure agreements are very strong and can get you jailed ( in my case, 7 years) for even the slightest breach. In most cases, they are for life.

        Between people being “snippy,” smart ,or not believing, because they are brainwashed it is very unlikely that anything useful will ever be revealed because people with “real secrets” know nobody will believe them. Also, they know they are being monitored. You go to the media and they grab you before you can get out the front door. I know. I came close. They put an agent on me to shut me up. It worked, but I like to Joke: ” a few piles of cash works better,” and that is the route anyone with ” brain/balls” will take. I do still think about it?

        So, what are the chances of anything “with meat” being revealed? Snowden did not reveal anything that I did not already suspect. I never worked in Cyber-departments. I do not think he had a Top Secret Level Clearance. He had only a Secret Level. However, you see how Furious the government is –to the point of wanting to murder him– for what was already known, but the public got a good taste of how the US government treats whistle blowers, and that`s why you will never find one with Real Secrets. Snowden was a Fluke, Smart, and at least he was smart enough to run to Russia, immediately!

    • j vaughn says:

      Well, you’re right, that’s just the point. No one will give first hand testimony. People who do that tend to get killed, as do those who are about to make any such first hand testimony of others directly available–such as Michael Hastings.

      The data are out there, in public. But the Nazi – Hollywood illusion machine is always able to spin the clear picture right in front of you into a fractalized kaleidoscope. So you didn’t see what you saw, but instead saw what you didn’t see.

      This level of psychological deception is way beyond anything Orwell dreamed up.

      • Sparticus says:

        True, and that was the point of my Joke with the FBI, because the people have been so thoroughly brainwashed that they would never believe the things their government is doing. Trying to reveal them would get one arrested for nothing; because when secrets come out the people ( so delusional) will laugh and say you`re lying: America would never do that! And, this is why anyone who knows “anything” will never reveal “anything” and everyone knows it. FBI is so relaxed that we used to Joke about it with them. The Jail terms are not worth the public abuse because they only believe government. Let people believe lies. Those with top level clearances are watched and will not go in the David Letterman Show!

    • Sparticums says:

      Bullshit. It’s pretty obvious that you’re lying. You claim you once had top secret clearance and yet you come on here and spout off with utter b.s. That either makes you a liar, or a fool, or both. I’m casting my vote for both.

      • Sparticus says:

        You`re just Jealous! A vote from You, please! I do not accept votes from the peanut gallery! You are making me laugh. I love getting under peoples skin, because it shows how easy you are to control. Keep up the good work, it is good to know I have impacted you. You need to learn to control that silly temper and inferiority complex, birdbrain.

        Now, get back to work and pay your taxes so government can pee on you some more, Fool.

      • Sparticus says:

        Why? Should I be afraid? Will they come and Kill me? They should have paid me better. So … You can go cry to government and play your little tattle-tale game, but there is nothing in the content of my posting that is illegal, FOOL.

        Again … People … This poster “HERE” above, is your enemy!

  3. Todd Millions says:

    It seems too me that distraction is always The point.
    Its the lube that makes divide & conquer run soo smoothly.
    The best description of this to my mind is Guliver explaining to
    the rational horse, why do yahoo’s make war?
    Swift’s comments on law ,lawyers and Judges also provides the
    best map of the current Canadian jurisprudence ‘system’
    The official ones being mastery exercises in applied distraction.
    Gobbels would have being awe struck by this effort.
    I also find excellent depictions of the current American circus with
    toxic bread to be found by punching up scenes from
    Chaplin’s-The Great Dictator .
    The globe bubble dance and the train station meeting of the dictators
    in particular restore my perspective via a belly laugh.
    This too is a distraction but a useful one I hope.
    Just don’t let your minds eye transpose Doanld/Hillary pole dancing
    with the bubble globe in the oval chancellery office!

  4. Sparticus says:

    Oh, and people … There is nothing secret about clearance levels. I use it as a resume item. I can tell you that there is nothing better, for job hunting, because it never fails to impress people. I do not understand why? I am not impressed.

    I post this because someone “doubts” again, then you all wonder why nobody talks? Because nobody believes! I am showing this as an example. Scroll down below and read the derogatory comment ( I enjoy such) by my Fan: Sparticums.

    Again, people … ” You are all so Divided and Disjointed that Government has it easy.”

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