Breaking: US-Backed Free Syrian Army Group Shoots Down Russian Jet, Kills Pilot

By Daniel McAdams, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.


The Jaysh al-Nasr rebel group in Syria, part of the US-backed Free Syrian Army, has posted footage of its fighters celebrating the shoot-down of a Russian Suhkoi-25 jet fighter in the Idlib province of Syria. It is the first time a Russian fighter has been shot down by Syrian rebels attempting to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The plane was apparently brought down by a man-portable air defense system (ManPADS) surface-to-air missile. According to press reports, the pilot ejected from the plane safely but was killed by the Syrian rebels on the ground.

The 2017 US military spending bill provided authorization for the Department of Defense to arm the rebels with shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles or ManPADS. At the time, the Russians vigorously objected to the dramatic US move to provide sophisticated weaponry to the rebels, claiming (rightfully it turns out) that “[t]he relevant decision also poses a direct threat to aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces…”

The scenario where a US-backed, US-supplied jihadist group in Syria uses US weapons to shoot down a Russian plane and then murders the pilot on the ground should be seen as a near-nightmare escalation, drawing the US and Russia terrifyingly closer to direct conflict.

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13 Responses to Breaking: US-Backed Free Syrian Army Group Shoots Down Russian Jet, Kills Pilot

  1. Sharon Marlowe says:

    This happened four days ago

  2. Rich says:

    Proof that all history is the present.
    Three days ago is now and the limited media coverage remains the present and future, not just an event suspended in time. The media’s coverage or lack thereof grows the story, birthed 4 days ago.
    Make note of Russia’s response, both direct and deliberate. Attack and annihilate the MANPAD operators apparently without debate or discussion.

  3. Todd Millions says:

    -“2017 Military budget”…
    about 2016 the Saudis were shopping for portable /shoulder launch antiaircraft rockets-for use in(wait for it)
    Since reports of any huihti airforce,are-slight,would perhaps some of these have wandered off to Syria?
    Rapheal(Henri R) was reported too be a likely supply source and the unspecified new units were reported to have “extended range”. No further reports on these or the sale came up in my searches.
    Does some one have a Jane’s subscription?

  4. Taras77 says:

    I would argue that the supply lines of MANPAD and other lethal weapons are so murky that the suppliers, i.e. US, UK, Israel, have no idea, none, as to who has possession currently of these lethal weapons. Thus, we have total incompetence.
    Now, the other question is whether these lethal weapons were not deliberately supplied to these terrorists, “moderate” or otherwise, “vetted” or otherwise. With brennan, susan rice, or the current crop of neo cons/israel firsters, I would bet that deliberate supply was certainly possible and more likely probable.
    (see authorization link above in article)

  5. Sparticus says:

    The pilot blew himself up; because he knew all the war crimes he committed and would rather die than face those he abused. German soldiers on the Eastern Front often did the same. How far Russia has fallen.

    Now, for all this terror crap, if I had SAM portables …. I would put a MASSIVE FAT AZZ SHORT on the NYSE … therefore, if I can imagine this ( and the massive power it would yield) why cant ISIS? Any real terror group would know where to strike and would not be running over “worthless slaves” with trucks.

    Translation … the only terrorists exist in Washington Dc.

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