Why is U.S. not globally condemned for its military occupation of Syria?

Eric Zuesse

On February 8th, at the U.N., the Russian Government, through its U.N. Representative Vasily Nebenzia, said against the U.S. Government’s forces in Syria, “They are in fact illegally in Syria, nobody called them there, they constantly assert that they are fighting there against international terrorism, but we see that they go beyond this framework.”

No public response has yet been issued by the U.S. Government.

Furthermore, the U.N. Security Council was presented on February 8th with a resolution condemning the bombing on February 6th of the Russian trade mission in Syria’s capital of Damascus, and this condemnation was blocked by the U.S. and UK delegations, which said that there wasn’t enough “information” about the event to condemn it.

Russia and Syria say that the attack had been done by jihadists, “terrorists,” by a shell fired by armed groups who were deployed in the eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus, as part of repeated attacks on the Russian Embassy in Damascus, but the U.S. and UK refused to condemn the attack, regardless. Consequently, the U.N. Security Council’s press office was blocked from issuing a statement to the press saying that the Council condemned the attack on the Russian facility in Damascus.

Not only is the U.S. trying to take over part of sovereign Syrian territory (using Al Qaeda and Kurdish forces as their boots-on-the-ground to do it), but the U.S. and its UK ally are, essentially, supporting Al Qaeda allied jihadists who shell the Russian trade mission in Damascus.

Though the U.S. Congress has not yet declared war against Syria and against Russia, the U.S. Executive branch, the Commander-in-Chief or President of the United States, has placed the U.S. Government at war against both Russia and Syria, and America’s allies are not expresssing disgust at this act by their ally, which violates not only the U.S. Constitution but international law.

Meet the new Adolf Hitler: Donald Trump. Is every other government headed by a Neville Chamberlain of today? If none condemn the U.S. Government, then isn’t it undeniable?


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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6 Responses to Why is U.S. not globally condemned for its military occupation of Syria?

  1. KB723 says:

    I am guessing a neighbor that is seeking new settlements…

  2. Sparticus says:

    Why are there no protests at the NY stock exchange with all the Inequality? I sometimes believe the Hologram Theory is Correct. Nobody will stand up to the Bully! If people will not even protest, or file complaints, over their own subjugation to “greater fools” why would they protest or “file complaints” against the little people being smashed by the bully in some far away land?

    This is all biblical, for those of you who are wise enough to believe, and for those of you who do not; well, it is “Jew vs Christian vs. Arab that will drag you into the Abyss with them because they are hell bent to destroy one-another. Atheism only makes you Ignorant and nullifies your existence because the numbers will control you. There are more believers than non-believers.

    Translation … Get Religious and Learn; because the numbers dictate which way it will go. There are more of them then YOU. So, do you want to “live” or do you want the Nuclear Arsenals in the hands of Christians/ Jews and Muslims … Who, at any time … will let them loose when the Sky God tells them? You cannot have world leaders ( Trump) believing the Jews are Holy people. This is Dangerous. Besides, God does not do Inequity.

    Do you all see the Danger?

    • Annie says:

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    • Boycott_Billionaires says:

      Yes, go down to Wall Street and see how fast we relive Kent State.

  3. Bob says:

    Why have the American people stood down since Vietnam? The largest anti-war demonstrations since Vietnam occurred before the 2003 Iraq invasion, and the deep state didn’t listen at all. There is no resistance to the military-intelligence-industrial state. Anyone who dares to make sense of defense spending and war gets the Bernie Sanders treatment. If you put up real resistance you get the JFK treatment.

  4. Boycott_Billionaires says:

    Maybe Syria and Iran are the only 2 countries left that don’t have an established Rothchild bank.

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