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Why I Have to Agree with Tim Geithner on This

Many of us disagree with the bloviated, self-congratulatory notion that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury saved the U.S. economy, capitalism and everything else in 2008-09 up to and including the Central Bank of Mars and the bat guano … Continue reading

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The Global Economy Could Fall Farther and Faster Than Pundits Expect

The core narrative of central bank/cartel capitalism is centralized agencies have the power to limit downturns and extend credit-based “good times” almost indefinitely. The centralized power bag of tricks includes fiscal policies such as deficit spending to boost “aggregate demand” … Continue reading

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Rates Don’t Matter–Liquidity Matters

The cure for systemic fragility is not low interest rates forever–it’s a market that transparently prices credit and risk for lenders and borrowers, qualified and marginal alike. One of the most unquestioned narratives out there is that the Federal Reserve … Continue reading

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