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Harris County, Texas, Houston To Stop Prosecuting Pot Cases

Brandon Turbeville Natural Blaze As the Federal Government shows no signs of letting up on its ridiculous War on Drugs, Americans are starting to revolt at the local level even through local government officials. For instance, a recent announcement by … Continue reading

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Texas Governor Reveals a Republican Plan to Replace the U.S. Constitution

Eric Zuesse Now that the Republican Party controls over two-thirds of America’s 50 State Senates, and also over two-thirds of America’s 50 State Houses, the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has laid out a plan to impose upon the nation a new … Continue reading

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Will the Oil Patch Bust Trigger Recession?

This seemingly inexhaustible credit line is now drying up, with severely negative consequences for oil producers with debt that’s coming due. Could the oil patch bust triggered by oil plummeting from $100/barrel to $50/barrel kick the U.S. into recession? Longtime … Continue reading

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