Trying to Avoid Pain, Americans Have Only Delayed the Invevitable and Allowed the Cancer to Spread

I understand that people are afraid to face the fact that 9/11 and the anthrax attacks were inside jobs, because that would be painful. It would challenge their assumptions of benign father figures running our government, and would mean that there is no Santa Claus and governments sometimes do horrible things to their own people to justify power-grabs. (Despite my sarcasm, I actually try to sympathize with people who are locked in a prison of fear).

But if Americans had gotten a spine a couple of years ago and had the courage to deal with reality, we could have thrown the bums behind these false flag attacks out on their ears (and into jail), held a truth and reconciliation commission, appointed honest leaders, gone through the healing process, and gotten back on track towards the effort to try to make real what the Founding Fathers wrote about in the Constitution.

Instead, due to Americans’ pain-avoidance tactics and their tremendous efforts to deny reality in order to avoid unpleasant truths, things have gotten worse: freedoms have been more widely abused, costly new wars have been planned, fascism has become more entrenched.

When the Ostrich buries its head in the sand, it only encourages an attack by predators. By trying to the painful truth, Americans have only delayed the inevitable. Instead of avoiding pain, all we have done is allowed the cancer to spread.

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