Mr. President, Instead of Getting “Choked Up With Anger”, Please Do Something Useful By Stopping Your Economic Team from Choking the Economy

Mr. President, in a press conference today, you said that you were “choked up with anger” about AIG’s shenanigans.

Mr. President, we don’t need your populist rhetoric. We don’t need you to be choked up with anger.

We need to you actually exercise your power and actually do something constructive.

Mr. President, the main bottleneck right now is your team of top economic advisors: Geithner, Summers and Bernanke.

These guys were largely responsible for creating most of the problems which we are experiencing right now. See this, this and this. Mr. President, these guys are choking the economy. They are strangling it. They are cutting off all of its oxygen.

Until you replace them with people who saw this crisis coming and who have ideas about how to actually reform the failed system instead of trying to prop it up, things will just get worse.

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