National Cancer Institute: Eating Too Much Red Meat Increases Mortality from Heart Disease and Cancer

The National Cancer Institute, in what has been called “the largest study of its kind”, found that older Americans who eat large amounts of red or processed meat face a greater risk of death from heart disease and cancer.

In fact, a much larger study called “The China Study” was conducted years ago by one of the world’s leading nutrition experts with the assistance of several country’s governments. The China Study also found that eating too much red meat (or animal protein of any kind) caused heart disease, cancer and other problems.

I love hamburgers, pork and all other sorts of meat. I am hopeful that trying to eat grass fed and organic meat whenever possible, exercise, and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will minimize the health risks.

But after reading The China Study, even I am eating a little more chicken and fish and a little less red meat.

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