Ultimate Insider: We Need At Least TEN MORE Years of War and 100,000 Plus Troops in Afghanistan

The End Run blog just sent me an interesting video of a recent speech by Lawrence Korb.

Korb is a consummate insider – Assistant Secretary of Defense from 1981-1985 during the Reagan Administration, Vice President of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) from 1998-2002, CFR’s director of National Security Studies, Vice President of Corporate Operations at Raytheon, and advisor to Barack Obama during Obama’s presidential campaign.

Korb said that we need to keep fighting the war in Afghanistan for at least 10 more years, and that we need 100,000 plus troops.

Korb all but admitted that Americans are opposed to a long war in Afghanistan and that the U.S was grasping at straws for a rationale for still being there.

He also said some interesting things about 9/11

Read the End Run’s write up or watch Korb’s speech here.

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