I’m Not Just Sitting Here Being Lazy . . . I’m Travelling at 1,000,000 Miles Per Hour

The “Great Attractor” is a region of space in the Centaurus Supercluster with a mass tens of thousands times greater than our Milky Way galaxy.

This may be a radio wave image of a portion of the center of the Great Attractor (scientists aren’t positive they’re focusing on the right area):

(And see this).

The Great Attractor has such a massive gravitational pull, that it is pulling our entire galaxy and all of the nearby galaxies towards it at the speed of 1,000,000 miles an hour (see this, this and this).

We don’t feel any movement because everything on Earth and in our galaxy is moving at the same speed. In other words, we don’t feel the movement for the same reason that we don’t feel the Earth rotate: everything around us is rotating at the same time.

So don’t call me lazy . . . I’m moving at a million miles per hour.

And in other astrophysics news, scientists have just discovered a black hole as large as 18 billion suns. Indeed, scientists say that black holes may get even bigger:

So just how big can these bad boys get? Craig Wheeler of the University of Texas in Austin, US, says it depends only on how long a black hole has been around and how fast it has swallowed matter in order to grow. “There is no theoretical upper limit,” he says.

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