America – Like Iran – Has Been Run By Religious Fanatics

Yesterday, I showed that Iran and the U.S. are not really that different when it comes to police suppression of human rights.

But – you might say – Iran is totally different from the U.S. because it is run by a bunch of religious fanatics.

Yes, that’s true. The Mullahs are religious fanatics. Indeed, most of the people of Iran hate the heavy-handed influence of the Mullahs on their country.

But America’s war in Iraq is also a crusade. And torture is largely driven by Christian fundamentalism (see this, this and this).

Indeed, much of America’s policy in the middle east is largely driven by Christian zionism and Jewish zionism.

America’s religious fundamentalism happens to be Judeo-Christian, and Iran’s Islamic. But fanaticism is the same no matter what you call it.

Psychiatrist and Christian writer M. Scott Peck said there are 4 stages of spiritual belief people go through. Fundamentalism is only stage 2.

In stage 3, people become skeptical of religious dogma. In stage 4, people retain their skepticism, but also allow themselves to feel a sense of awe at the universe.

I am not in any way anti-spirituality. I am simply pointing out that both Iran and America have largely been run by stage 2 fundamentalists.

And I know many Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists who are very smart, open-minded people. So Peck’s four stages aren’t based on what people call themselves, they are based on what is going on inside people’s heads and hearts.

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